I know. It’s spring. The crocus blooms are just bursting to blow through the forest loam, and I’m sending you a picture of sunlight on snow.

Tell me. Do you see the snow or do you see the diamonds?  Do you see winter or do you see the deep freeze pushing itself up towards the sunlight.

What I’m really sending you is neither snow nor sunlight.  Delivered by the magic of technology is a Feast for your eyes…the main course:  Nature’s Reality.

I have spent the past winter too much inside, anchored to my computer, plunged into the task of learning rudimentary tech. For me it’s a hit and miss process. Considering information is exchanged at lightning speed my progress is glacial, slow, measured in bits and bytes of comprehension. My reality…Technofog.

Hours fly by. Days pass. Night moves in and out and then back in again. Technology doesn’t care. I don’t care. I’m on a mission. Occasionally, I hear the outside world calling. Winds sing, windows rattle, chimes ring in a southfacing, sheltered deck.  “Come out, come out, wherever you are. Yes, it’s cold outside, but it’s a dry cold. Come out. Come out and play.”

I turn a blind eye, a deaf ear and like a confused turtle, go back inside my head.  Finally, thankfully, my body cries, “Enough!” Pushing away from the desk, taking a small step to start my rebellion,  I turn and catch a glimpse of the silvery sunshine on the sleek, silky nub of birch bark.                                           “When did the sun start shining so brightly?” The snow gleams with a  layer  of  brilliant crystal bling.

My body calls. “Go out, go out…yes, it’s cold outside but it’s a dry cold…dress warm. Go out. Go out and play.” I listen, bundle up and go.

Grabbing my camera, step by step I  head up the hill to the south meadow. Catching my breath with an intake of homecoming, I walk into a land filled with diamonds in the rough. Winter grasses bleached and softened by cold north winds look polished with the sun’s shine. Winter is in full bloom.

I feast my eyes and touch the world. Laying in the soft white snow I glance through the grasses, skyward.  Wow. Prisms, crystals, diamonds…everywhere. I pull the camera out of my jacket. Click. My fingers stiffen with cold as I crawl through the snow.  Click. Twisting in another direction; Click. Click. Dipping as close as I can to the frosted earth, my head tilts skyward. Click. Click. Click. Finally, I stand up, shake off my snowman coating, stuff my hands into my mitts for warmth and go home. Back to the office. Back to the computer, back to my learning curve.  But I am deeply refreshed, nourished and re-energized by my Feast in the meadow.

Now on the eve of another season, I share my Feast with you. This gift is woven by the magic of combining 2 realities.  One at a time they may both call to us, inviting us to play.  I am lucky. I have learnt through my lesson of neglect, we are best served when we blend our inner and outer realities together.

Ah…do you hear that? “Come out, come out wherever you are. Come out and play.”  Now go find a Feast that replenishes you.

As an Inner Wilderness Guide, I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor, grass roots wisdom and professional training to guide others into mind expanding landscapes.  Find how your inner genius, creativity, pursuit of meaning and the success experience connect naturally at dawnkotzer.com.

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Chalk it up to Everyday Magic

IMG_5804 chalk 5x7
Think like a child?  What age?


“No, too old.  They already have expectations and plans galore. Somebody changes the plans on them, they’re  not happy.”


“Nope, same thing. ”


“Ohhh, they’re  kinda set in getting their way. I don’t think I want to be like that.”

This is part of the conversation I was having with myself. Really. At the same time I was steering a stroller being pulled through an unfamiliar neigbourhood by  a slightly hyper “I Love Pulling” wannabe sled dog .

Okay, I’ll back up…oh, just wait. I have to straighten the dog’s harness.

After 9 days of traveling for anything but pleasure, I  arrived in another city; this time to spend some time looking after my 2 young, most entertaining grandkids. These two are Pure JOY for me. My spirit was oh, so willing but my tired brain was spinning with too many ‘When-I-Get-Home TO DO Lists’.

I take 7 yr old Kate  to school. I’d even remembered to pack her lunch. So far so good.  Once back home, I decide to take 22 month old Z and the slightly overactive dog, also in my care, for a long walk. Methodically, I hitch Toby, the ‘working’ dog, up to the stroller. (This little dog LOVES to pull.)

Z perches in his seat. He’s ready. I grab a coffee for the road; I’m ready too.

While Z gooes and ahhs over the trees above his head and the cars splashing water on the street beside us I try to figure out if I need to reshuffle my plans yet again. The past 2 months have been a series of cancellations, interruptions, learning curves and delays.  Sound familiar? Have you ever had a day, a week or a month like that? Every time you set up an appointment with yourself, for yourself, to get something done, LIFE interrupts. No matter how adept you are at managing your time, someone  keeps messing with your well laid plans. You’re left reshuffling over and over again, squeezing this in here and that in over there. Exhausting.

Slowly the steady, easy pace of walking and lively, happy sounds of dog and little boy bring forth an unexpected conversation inside my head. “What if the interruption is actually the messenger? What if ‘feeling’ the squeeze is the message? Why not play with the plans exactly as they are? Akimbo. Why not reframe the moment through the eyes of a child?” Curious. Thought I was already leaning way over in that direction. Child play, I mean.

“Okay, I’m game. What age of Child?”


“No, too old…they already have expectations-plans galore. Stuff happens. Somebody changes the plans on them, they’re not happy.”


“Nope. Same thing. ”


“Ohhh…2 year olds can be really set on getting their way. I don’t think I want to be like that.”

18 months? How about that? Can you dip into the 18 month old mindspace?

“Hmm.” That feels very appealing. Z is a little older than that. A happy little boy who’s game for most things that come his way…all he really needs are the basics. Food, naps, clean pants. Ya, 18 months. I could go there. The world is one experiment after the other. Curiousity rules and playtime is the nature of the day.

During my inner ramble, ‘wannabe sled dog’ has been helping  move us forward on sidewalks through a tidy, well treed, residential area. Everyone’s away at work or retired I guess. There’s no one outside.  It’s really, really quiet. I seamlessly melt back  into realtime.

Enter the MAGIC.

As soon as I ease into agreement with the 18 month old curiousity-driven, play-surrounded mindspace I casually look down at the sidewalk.

Wow! A pile of colored chalk lays on the empty driveway just beyond  my feet.  I stop… Look around. No chalk drawings on the driveway, just a pile of colored chalk someone left out overnite. No sign of kids anywhere in the immediate vicinity.

I do a double take. Then I do what every 18 month old would do…I pick up the chalk and draw. A  happy, colorful flower blooms onto this stranger’s driveway.  Signing with a big yellow HI! is a friendly touch. Z’s gleeful seal of approval is obvious. “Colorrr” he says… We pause for a moment, celebrate this shared mindspace.  I’m happy, Z.’s happy and once I allowed Toby to go forward again, the dog is happy too.

Some might say this was a sign.

Na. I think it’s just  a parallel universe moment…inner and outer harmony intersecting at the point when I slowed down long enough to pay attention. Next time someone or something elbows into my perfectly assembled plans, knocking them akimbo…I’m going to try to remember to Stop. Pause and Look around for the possibility of Everyday Magic.

If I find another pile of colored chalk, you’ll be the first know.

As an Inner Wilderness Guide, I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor, grass roots wisdom and professional training to guide others into their own mind expanding landscapes.

Find how true Self,  inner genius, creativity, pursuit of meaning and the success experience connect naturally at dawnkotzer.com.

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