Look who’s talking…

Hi. I’m Dawn. Artist. Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. Muse-aholic.

Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. Up! and Ice Age Groupie. Entrepreneur

Driven to mow acres of grass just for the Smell of It.

Wilderness Fan. Addicted to the Milky Way and Northern Lights.

Lover of sand castles, the Boreal Forest, pelicans, loons, ravens and chickadees…

wild winter grasses and walking in the wind. (No-this is not an ad for the personals.)

Numbers and math are fun. I love the physics of watercolors; the feel of playing guitar.

(I don’t play it well, but keep at it. I think I’m improving…a little.)

I love rice crispie cake. It loves my thighs.  sigh. I love to laugh. I love my wee ones.

I am a  Student of Life.

My lesson? To learn how to ‘Float at Zero’


By practicing Awareness; paying attention to those things that

  • peak my curiosity
  • fuel my enthusiasm
  • kindle my creativity
  • make me laugh… from the inside out
  • free me from fears that paralyze, overwhelm or sabotage my best life
  • warm my heart…from my toes up.

This blog is all about how ‘I Get To’ discover and practice how to Float at Zero…with pictures.

Welcome to Dawn Kotzer Curious.