Unexpected Results or a Steaming Teapot of Belief?


thoughts. beliefs. steaming in hot water |art © Dawn Kotzer
Thought-full teapot

Did we get unexpected results or a steaming teapot of belief?

Thought to action to result. Seems simple enough, right?
How is it then that the result we hope for is often NOT the result we get?
While thoughts activate the end result, what activates thought?
Steeping, brewing, sitting beneath it all is a belief waiting to be expressed.

Change our inner thoughts, change our inner world.
Change our perception, change our reality.
There’s real truth in that.
However, when we want to make lasting change to our inner world
we need to look at which belief is in flow, which one is running the show.

The flow goes like this:

which fosters
that propels
which delivers
And the RESULT always validates the initial belief.
So the next time you wonder what the heck you were thinking, check what was activated just beneath the surface.

To put it in a more playful way…

See the tea pot?
You are the the pot.
The tea leaves (Belief) are what you carry within.
The hot water (Thought) activates warmth (Feeling.)
Steam happens (Action)
Viola`!  Scented Jasmine tea (Result)
Which of-course validates the fact that you had Jasmine tea leaves in the pot.

No problem, right?
Nope~ except that you wanted something a little more spicy.
Turns out you were aiming for Chai. 

Thoughts do create feelings which create action which does produce a result.
But the next time your results are NOT what you hoped they’d be,
do little thoughtful investigation. What was really running the show?
When you make the effort and aim for a specific result, activate an inner belief that will support the outcome you desire.

May that pot of tea you brewed align with your desires  and exceed all expectations.
… and yes, I’d love a cup of Chai. ^..^

I’d love to hear your comments. Post away.

As a master coach, entrepreneur and artist, I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor and grass roots wisdom to help others bridge their self confidence gap.  Don’t let fear keep you in the dark.  If you’d like a little breathing room in this experience called life, drop me a line. Let’s talk.


let's talk- Dawn Kotzer
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Why not accept the invitation


Invitation to show up
Inviting Intuition

Why not accept the invitation?
There’s no need to rsvp. This is an old school, open house event. You just show up.
As yourself.
For years I didn’t open the invite either.

Does this routine feel familiar?
An event occurs. An invitation to ‘come as you are’ arrives. You panic…just a little. OK. Maybe a lot.
You cleverly make up some excuse about weight, hair, pressing needs elsewhere…
in fact, you’d rather schedule a dental appointment than show up as your self.  Invitation declined, you’re in the clear. The unopened invite gets stashed.
Every. Single. Time.

Or maybe your M.O. is similar to my option B?
Find a role to play or a need to fill and dive right in. Most of the time I drag just enough of the real me along so I could feel a smidge more authentic.

But an invitation to show up as myself?
Hell no. I only understudy others, remember? No one plays the real me…not even me.
Those 4 small words—show up as myself— were NOT in my vocabulary.
Sigh. I didn’t grow bolder as much as exhausted with the drama loop in my brain. I grew plain old bored with it all. Thank gawwd.
Eventually the invitation sparked more curiosity than fear.
And soulful curiosity always shows up with a benevolent question.
What would it feel like to cross a threshold as myself?
What would it feel like to show up with confidence instead of hiding in a life-role?
What if I dared to bridge my own self-confidence gap?

To quote Albert Einstein, ‘curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Slowly, I explored inner self through books, podcasts, education, observation. It felt impossibly scary to go from hiding to moving forward without shifting into neutral first so I started with small, private forays into the works and words of others that brought a feeling of neutral. Spending quality time with nature and creativity tasted like freedom.

Something stirred. I caught a glimpse of  neglected, almost invisible parts of my self.
A spark rekindled. I sensed a glow, a candle in the darkness.

Leaning into curiosity, I’d shift my most nagging thoughts into neutral by asking small benevolent questions.
I learned to be a little kinder to myself. To breathe, pause and ask:
‘Where is this fear coming from?’ and ‘Whose fear voice do I hear inside my head?’

At first the catcalls from the shitty-should crowd in my head drowned out other thoughts.
Who do you think you are? Give it a rest. What do you know?You’re not brave enough, wise enough, or tall enough. You’re too old.
You’re not talented enough, traveled enough, tall enough, smart enough, blah, blah, blah. And besides, you like to put ice in red wine!
You cannot figure this out without us.

I now know those were the voices of shame and humiliation story looping their survival fear and anxiety but back then it sure sounded like inner wisdom to me… powerful, insistent, with no room for debate. In reality it was trash talking fear.

(Though some say a good argument can be made for putting ice cubes in red wine)

Here’s a few things I’ve discovered about inner wisdom.

  • It doesn’t SOUND like anything. In fact, does it even use words?
    I think it prefers a more sensual experience. How else could it cut through the shitty-shoulds and lizard brain drama?
  • It is for and of the individual. It’s not a big, showy thing reserved for the guru, the intellectual, the author, the ancient or the famous.
  • Inner wisdom waits quietly within for you to notice its presence and then invites you, once again to be the expert of your own life experience.
    You get to write your own story from here on in.

Remember that candle in the darkness? Inner wisdom has left the light on for you.
Pause. Take a breath. Feel the glow.

Go ahead. Accept the invitation.

  • Take small moments to show up as your self.
    Listen to the thoughts you think, the words you use and how those words make you feel.
  • Start asking small benevolent questions.
    No question is too small; too big; too ordinary, too repetitive.
  • Leave room for the answer to find you.
    The essence of the question carries the essence of the answer. We often feel it first as an experience of our senses.

Inner Wisdom practices the art of curiosity which creates breathing space for soul.

Yay! You did accept the invitation. That’s totally old school groovy.

As a master coach, entrepreneur and artist, I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor and grass roots wisdom to help others bridge their self confidence gap.  Don’t let fear keep you in the dark.  If I can help you in this experience called life, drop me a line. Let’s talk.

let's talk- Dawn Kotzer
Hi. I’m Dawn

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Passion Prey or Passion Play?

passion and hound at play

I must find and follow my Passion. I’ve tried everything and I can’t find it.

During my years as a coach I’ve heard this a lot...  I feel compelled to ask them
“What if you let it find you? Sometimes our search feels more like like passion prey. Wouldn’t you rather feel passion play?”
Sometimes people appreciate the question and sometimes? not so much.

See the photo? backstory
I had dropped to the ground to take a closeup of a crocus in bloom.
Teagen, my Irish Wolfhound closed in, intent in her desire to come to my aid. I mean I was laying prone-obviously in need of protection from this small blue thing in my face, right?
The crocus turned into her prey…until she read my energy and then, alas, the poor flowers became the object of play. My hound snouted the flowers out of the soil and tossed them in the air.  Prancing around, she seized the moment, tossing them up again and again.
From passion prey to passion play in the blink of an eye.

Years later this moment stays with me.
It seems a good metaphor for my take on the need to discover one’s passion. I don’t quite buy into it the whole ‘must find purpose and passion’ thing.
It seems the hunt becomes too confusing as so often we miss the obvious.

Think about it. What do you feel when you go hunting for something you really want to find? Car keys, house keys, bank card, phone? In that moment, they are the prey. What energy is fueling you? Desperation, irritation or frustration? And what do you often feel if you can’t find them.

What happens when you stalk your passion like prey?  You try to capture a fleeting glimpse of it so you can hunt it down, claim ownership and in a blinding flash know your way. My experience has been that this happens only the big screen and not in real life.

Oh ya, passion can make us feel alive. I, too love the feeling of life in my fingertips. But it’s  curiosity, resonance and peace that have consistently led me toward a more wholehearted, playful self, where I can own knowing that I am enough for me.
Passion and desire have merged with where I am. The unrealistic expectations of the hunt have disappeared. I feel more excited about possibility of play than fearful of failure to come away empty-handed.

What if clearing a welcoming, nurturing, flexible inner space that allows for growth, change and reflection could channel a little more invigorating adrenaline your way? A little less hype, a little more curiosity? A little less prey and a little more play?
If you were passion would that draw you in or push you away?
You don’t have to answer right away…let the question percolate and see what bubbles up.

The next time you feel the desperate need to find your passion, lean into curiosity.
Give yourself permission to feel a good-enough-in-this-moment vibe and then go play.
Let passion find you.

Updated and revised from a post,originally published in 2010. Seems searching for our passion and purpose in life is part of human be-ing. How can you make the search more fun?

I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor and grass roots wisdom to guide others into mind expanding landscapes.  Find how your inner genius, creativity and pursuit of Canameaning and success connect naturally at dawnkotzer.com

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Happy Ground and Glory Day

Ground and glory Day

Not all of us were ready to plan 2016 on January 1. I know I wasn’t…and that’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little while to ground ourselves; to hear our voice within, to find our groove.

I took some time to ponder how I’d like 2016 to look, to feel for me, finally landing on this simple Ground and Glory Tree playsheet.
This little graphic worked for me, giving me a chance to lean in and listen to my essential self, my core of instinct and intuition.
These intentions bubbled up:
I want to:

  • let go of thought loops and tired old stories that suck my soul dry
  • give myself permission to embrace more play
  • celebrate the things I do and skills I learn along the way
  • commit to leading and living a life with a creative, artful vibe
    more in tune with who I am at heart.
  • pay attention to life priorities but for my own goodness sake, give curiosity a chance to lead me astray. 🙂
  • and so…Tada! a Ground and glory Playsheet.Use this contemplation as a place to start, to ground and glow.
    Seems Groundhog day is thee perfect time to share it with others
    who have a keen desire to stretch, to play, to grow.
    Download Ground-and-Glory-tree-2016

If this works for you too, I’d love to hear. Comments are always welcome.
Please share this post and my Ground and Glory PlaySheet with others.
I appreciate it your support, encouragement and time.
Thank YOU.



6 Ways to set Resistance Free


Resistance-Small Steps and a stick
Release resistance. invite PLaY

M.a.D. Explorer Tips and Tools-
6 Ways to set Resistance Free:

You know the feeling, right?We have stuff we Must do, Should do, Have to do…yet it feels impossible to start. We stall out, trapped in a doom chamber of resistance. Resistance can bring out the fight, flight, freeze or faint in us.  What if releasing ourselves from resistance brought out our inner explorer or the curious child in us instead?
I’ve used all 6 of these tools…which ones work for you?

1) Play ‘I See YoU’
Awareness is a powerful practice. It is the gentle flashlight of our soul, offering compassion and a chance to lighten up.
Instead of ‘Arggghhh, Resistance. You can’t be here. Situation Stalled.‘ Try rephrasing that into ‘Ahhhh, Resistance…I see You. Situation, normal mortal.”  Take 2 minutes, do a stretch, attend to a tiny task, have a cup of tea, breathe. Start your project again in a little while.

2) Frame a declaration of independence
“I’m not going to do a damn thing this morning and that’s ok

As a Mad Explorer (aka curiosity hound-intuitive-creative rebel) I’ve lost count of the times this declaration has set me free, fueling my tank for an effortless start at something later in the day.  If your can’t clear an entire morning, just clear 30 minutes. How does “I’m not going to do a damn thing for the next 1/2 hour and that’s ok!” feel to you?  The release comes from giving yourself permission to be OK with whatever amount of time feels right for you. 10 minutes may be your magic number. Start there.

3) Create a NOT-GoT-to-Do list-
Make a short list of real time actions/tasks and give yourself permission to NOT have to Do on a given day.
This could be grocery shopping, doing taxes, washing windows, sorting seasonal clothes, non-deadline stuff…
Whoosh! The pressure lifts. We get to remove our own mindset shackles and free ourself to take on the day as it unfolds.

4) Draft a dirty Deed list-
As chief Sherpa in our rural paradise, there’s quite a few jobs that fall into my domain that I DO NOT enjoy doing. (think crawlspace plumbing/ cleaning out icky, stinky cold rooms, doing roof repair, did I say plumbing? etc.)
For whatever reason creating this list ricochet’s me into the land of doing things that, while still not part of my Top 3 Wanna Do Chart, seem a lot more appealing than those on the dirty Deed List. It also makes it easier to do the dirty deeds…of-course I’ve likely left them to the last minute. Yep, deadlines and urgency help too, especially when we’re talking plumbing.

5) Read a Book-
Jill Badonsky’s books, 9 Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) and The Muse is In offer a galaxy full of lively, creative, effective insights, exercises  and guidance. Grab your copies. Check them out for more ways to navigate Resistance. I don’t leave home without them.

6) Go Kaizen-
Activate curiosity by asking “Whats’ the smallest step I can take to get started?”
Break the project down into chunks; break the chunks into tasks. Break the tasks into tiny steps, so ridiculously small that you are guaranteed 100% success. Resistance often flares when we anticipate failure at something, usually because it’s too big a step to start with.

[ctt tweet=”Resistance= fear of failure when we choose a 1st step that’s too big. Break tasks down. Start with a small step. Repeat. ” coverup=”4876m”] Have any of the tips mentioned above work for you? What’s your best tip for setting Resistance Free?
Please share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.

Go Ahead- release resistance~ even just for a moment. Invite a sense of PLaY  and curiosity along for the ride. You’ll be glad you did.
If you’d ever like someone along for the ride to make it easier to get through the sticky, icky bits give me a shout.  I can help.

happy trails,
find me at the corner of meet at dawn, my weekly newsletter
and this blog, M.a.D. Explorers club
dawn kotzer
inner wilderness guide, master kaizen-muse™ creativity coach,
martha beck certified life coach, iwg biz mentor, curiosity hound

Man in the Moon knows where Creativity Flows

Take a look. Where"s your Creative glow?

Digital life doesn’t always improve the flow of our days, does it?
Connections dawdle, Digits fiddle and Files run away with the spoon.

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You might just be over the moon in a groovy kind of way.

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    Pursuing perfect efforts is missssssing the point of the creative experience. Live with wild  abandon. You are not being graded.” Spills the Imp, Muse…aka Jill Badonsky

  • Jesh De Rox
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o provide a showcase for women in business to entertain, inform and engage visitors. – See more at: http://birdsontheblog.co.uk/how-to-comment-here/welcome/#sthash.d0Whqo8G.dpuf
To provide a showcase for women in business to entertain, inform and engage visitors. – See more at: http://birdsontheblog.co.uk/how-to-comment-here/welcome/#sthash.d0Whqo8G.dpuf
To provide a showcase for women in business to entertain, inform and engage visitors. – See more at: http://birdsontheblog.co.uk/how-to-comment-here/welcome/#sthash.d0Whqo8G.dpuf       I’m not including her because I’m part of this 30 Day Blog Challenge…nope…Natalie’s been on my list for                quite awhile now. Why? Because she walks the walk, has fun while ‘walking, flying, facilitating, hiking,                     packing, unpacking, climbing, writing, working, playing,’ keeping us engaged as she shares her knowhow.

Day 2- a Red Chair Moment

red chair sliver 2

Can you see yourself sitting in this Red Chair?
Calm. Comfortable.Quiet. Surrounded by the gifts of Nature…A place to savour dreams.
Natalie’s prompt for Day 2:
If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

My answers came quickly.
I’d continue living where I Live right now because I love where I live.
and there’s many helping hands ready to carry all manner of chairs down to the various landings along the lakeshore. Sweet.

I GET TO travel  more…and Travel has become so much easier.
OK…this one is a bit of a mystery to me.
I love where I live, but where I live is a 3+ hour drive from the nearest full service airport. It takes a long time just to get to ‘Departure’.
(inside Buddy asks, “well, how did it become easier?”)
Good Question.
I learned how to give myself Permission to ALLoW it to become easier. 
Step by Step, piece by piece, I gathered information,  accessed truly useful products, made connections and developed the expertise needed to make travel easier.
Even the drive to the airport has become less hassle…
…or could it be that in my wildest dreams I own and pilot my own plane…”have wings, will fly”.

I’m doing what I love to do:
Exploring new places, satisfying my curiosities, sharing my discoveries.
Working with great clients who want to learn how to step out of Overwhelm, Fear, Perfectionism and Self Sabotage and into the landscape of ‘Be Real-Find Freedom’.
Helping others find their own success experience, whatever that looks like for them.
Taking time to connect, love and laugh with people important to me.
Having FuN!
Making time to sit in a chair along the water’s edge and dream, ponder, breathe, receive, embrace and express gratitude for the goodness that comes my way in this wild and woolly business called LiFE.

Yellow Chair at Lake
Please, leave a comment, share this post or drop me a line
if you’d like to know more about working together.
Dawn Kotzer, a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity & Martha Beck Life Coach, living below a hill, below a hill, on the edge of Tobin Lake, SK, Canada, guides others to successfully discover how to BE Real and Find Freedom.


World View: location, location location

Locating your world view works like this…

“From where I see it this is  ________________.”

(Go ahead, pick a topic and fill in the blank.)

“oh, ya? I don’t see it that way at all.”

No two beings can ever see anything exactly the same.

Their views might be similar, but exact? Not likely.

It comes down to world view…not the view of the world at large.

Your world view.

Even when looking at the same road sign, birch tree, dogwalker or northern lake…the lens we each use is slightly different if not galaxies apart.

Your life experience has trained you to expect, anticipate, welcome or reject certain things. We have developed Assessment Habits. We label, judge and determine through our experience to date…what we’ve seen, heard, done, felt, tasted, etc.

What if seeing is not believing?

What if Believing is Seeing?

If I believe today will be a trainwreck just waiting to happen, my lens will likely lock on the wreckage and chaos around me. Trainwrecks create chaos. Chaos creates misery.

  • Chaos = Misery.

If I believe that nothing good will come out of chaos, I’ll be itching to switch locations. It’s likely that I’ll believe the grass is way greener on the other side of the lake.

However, if I believe that sifting through wreckage and chaos will reveal treasure…well, let’s just say unless you are aligned with my adventurous, yet dogged free spirit, you’ll be mighty sick of me and my ‘treasure’ by the end of the day.

  • Chaos = Treasure.

‘Change location? Hell no. I landed here for a reason. I’m not leaving until I’ve looked through this. You know, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’

Each view could be a tad problematic…one relying too heavily on immediate gratification, the other missing the fact that the day has disappeared into diminishing returns.

For instance-

I ‘got to’ check my world view one summer’s day when I woke up to find another tree felled in my yard.

The beavers had been busy the night before, felling a poplar tree onto our west lawn. Their loud, constant chewing had kept me awake a good part of the night.

I’m not normally a morning person…strong coffee and an even stronger desire to jump start my day must be close, really close at hand for me to be the early bird. Even so, to capture the image above, I found myself ‘motivated’ enough to jump up, dress, grab my gear and head out across the yard to the lake’s edge.

The next thing I knew, I was laying on the dew-soaked ground, squinting, adjusting the camera lens while squirming this way and that to frame the lake within the ‘V’ of the tree trunk.

Not so many years ago, you would have been hard pressed to drag me out to do this. Putting up with me- cold, damp, tired, grumpy and damned frustrated with beavers and their voracious appetite for my trees- wouldn’t have been worth your effort. Talk about diminishing returns.

That was before I figured out how to adjust my world view…open my perspective, try out a few new Assessment Habits.

This was a new dawn. Sure, I was damp, cold…and absolutely invigorated. Who knew that this is what the world looked like through Betty Beaver’s eyes? I was having a blast.

The crisp morning air pinched my senses awake as a bittersweet smell of freshly hewn wood filled my nostrils. The lake, a giant, rough blue blanket laid out for a mammoth picnic between the rolling hills, saturated my view. Dewdrops shimmered like diamonds on each blade of grass. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

What does this story have to do with my role as creativity and life coach?


Trust me.

If I can rise up with the dawn, crawl on my belly through cold, soaking wet grass, and without the aid of strong coffee, jumpstart my day into appreciation for a the world view through the lens of Betty Beaver eyes…Wow. This coaching stuff works.

Want to know more?

Stay tuned.

My next post will deliver tips and techniques used to create a new world view, regardless of your location.

In the meantime, check out my site for more information on Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and Martha Beck Life Coach insights.

PS– Interested in working with me? Contact me for a complimentary short coaching session. Go ahead and share my posts with others. If you use excerpts of my posts in your stuff… be a good human and include a live link to my site with the following information. Thanks.

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Earth Day…old school stylin’.

I enjoy listening to Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio One.

April 20-21 shows revealed a curious take on the ‘latest technology’ being snapped up by a small group of 21st century communication experts…aka YOUTH.
Attributes of this product include-
No viruses…ever.
No updates…ever.
It prints at the exact same time you use the keyboard.
It’s earth friendly…uses no electricity.

Know what it is?
Clue: Most Zoomers and Boomers can use it immediately. No learning curve involved.

That’s right, you guessed it…the latest hassle free tech discovery, perfectly matched to Earth Day philosophy is…drumroll, please…the Manual Typewriter.

True, it’s a still a small movement. But just imagine–once the masses unite, it’s anyone’s guess how loud the clatter will become.

(Who knows of a good supplier for bamboo paper?)

There’s an added bonus
Income Archeology for those who like to tinker.

Sourcing typewriters, selling typewriter, changing ribbons, (sourcing ribbons), fixing keys, (sourcing parts), oiling moving parts and type mechanism.

So tell me-

on this earth day

how will you choose?

…to be happy,

…to upcycle,

…to touch the earth.

Curiosity killed the Cat. Really?

Who said curiosity will kill the cat?

In my virtual world, I hang with a herd of cool cats who pad softly into The Muse is In Writing Club. Twice a week, prompts (divined by the Big Cat herself, Jill Badonsky) come to my INBOX.  I never know what the prompt will be but I’m always curious to find out.

Last Week’s Prompt-#115: Feel or imagine curiosity in body, mind and spirit and then see what you are inspired to write.

“Feel Curiosity in the Body…”

I roll the prompt over in my mind as if trying to feel its’ texture with my fingertips.

Rolling them back and forth, my mind feels the words as if to find the edge of another side. Suddenly, the voice inside my head breathes out.

“Body the IN-Curiosity Feel…ahhh, I like it.”

With that, my mind takes off like a cat springing into action, giving chase to a tiny mouse darting for cover between the rocks on shore.

Letters jump from rock to rock, rearranging themselves into words and phrases quickly; the curious cat leaps to keep up.

“The Feel-In-Body-Curiosity”

“Curiosity IN-THE-FEEL Body”

“Body Curiosity in the Feel”

“Feelin’ the curiosity body”


“Bodyfeel in the Curiosity”

C’mon, that last one was just plain silly.

Yup. That’s the point.

Just for a moment longer I push past the staid into the silly. Worry about how it sounds or if it makes sense falls away in the moment.

‘How does curiosity feel?”

By now I’m really getting into this. The virtual crowd inside my head goes wild. (Apparently I’m not alone in there.) A scene unfolds before me.

Leftbrain BestBet Beulah, running out of steam, is fading, fading…she stumbles. The torch is scooped out of her hand by RightbrainWhat-if Wendy.


The torch falls onto the ground. What-if Wendy scrambles as she tries to recover it.

Too late.

Letters tumble against each other one last time.

The crowd goes silent. Will this be the final phrase?

“Thy Bid- One. Feel CURIOSITY.”

Back to reality, I preview my response to Writing Prompt #115. Before staid might again overtake silly, I hit POST.

I wait. No tightness, no ‘rightness’ surfaces. I feel loose, fluid, happy that I let go in the moment and rode the wave of curiosity. Just as Oley, the rockstar discovered, it doesn’t really matter if the mouse gets away when the process of curiosity is fully activated. I’d say that’s a Win-Win.

So the next time you feel even a twinge of curiosity seep into your bones, breathe out, set worry aside; let your mind leap! into the process. Ride the wave of What-if? Give yourself permission to step out of staid and into silly one short moment at a time.

Here’s the thing. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat…curiosity breathes life in to the cat.


p.s. Interested in these writing prompts? Don’t be shy. Check out The Muse is In Writing Club.

p.p.s. The mouse got away.

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