Joyriding-marketing plans made easier with dawn kotzer
Joyride to new heights

JOYRiDiNG and your MaRKeTiNG PLaN- Part 1:
You might think that marketing plans and joyriding wouldn’t easily mix together.
In fact, it’s quite important that they do. Not using Joy to fuel your plan makes marketing a long exhausting ride.

Does this feel familiar? You want to build a business that aligns with your soul, serves others and keeps the bank happy too. That involves marketing. Ugh.
Did your heart just sink? You don’t like marketing…at least not the way some have told you it must be done.
“Tell me again where the Joyriding comes in, Dawn?”

What if you could develop a marketing plan for your project, product or business that’s in sync with your dream of being successful and wholehearted?
What if you discovered that marketing ease can result from purposeful habits prompted by a reframe, a single small step and one question?
What if you knew that question?

I work with writers, coaches, mentors, solopreneurs, microbiz owners, artists, inventors and others; creative, innovative, purpose driven individuals who dream of having an impact and making a difference. They want to share what they have to offer with the world, create space for the brilliance of others to shine through and Show up for True Self. All too often marketing what they do feels icky, forced and just too salesy.

What if it could feel even just 10% more like JoyRiding, 10% more in sync with you? The truth is Marketing is sharing.
Sharing your enthusiasm, your vision, products, programs, projects and your process in a way that directly connects to what brings you Joy. Sharing in a manner that delivers your message while at the same time fills a real need for someone or something.

The best and most effective marketing is rooted in serving through joy. Danielle Laporte

In my early years as an entrepreneur, I learned this truth the hard way. I was certain that pushing through the ick and the ugh, following the golden templates, modelling myself after someone elses values was the way to success. After all, wasn’t their success the proof? What I didn’t know was that the templates worked for them because those methods were fueled by values and their Joy.
Not all Joys are identical. In fact JoY is a very subjective thing…just as fear is.

Did you know it’s impossible to be in joy and in fear at the same time? Your brain isn’t able to be in both those states at once. We all know what it’s like to feel the fear…have you heard the phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’?
Why not give that phrase a rest and lean into a new one?
Feel the JoY and do it wholeheartedly.
[ctt tweet=”Give the fear a rest. Lean into ‘feel the JoY and do it wholeheartedly.'” coverup=”3S1Jj”] Lean into the Joyride as your solutions answer someones need, serving others in a way that’s in sync with your dream or mission.
Lean into the Joyride as you align with true self and make an impact in a meaningful way.
As we take one step after another, through the ups and downs that come to those wishing to make a difference in this world…pause, let the fear rest and remember the things that bring you Joy.
Lean in and let the Joyriding begin.

That question I mentioned earlier? I’ll share it and more in JOYRiDiNG and your MaRKeTiNG PLaN- Part 2

What do you think? Would you like more Joy in Marketing? Please post a comment below.
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Feel Good Groovy

What colour is your Groovy?

Ever notice that when you’re in a good groove time stands still and yet flies by all at once?
Of late, life has been busy around here…kind of crazy-making hectic but in a good groovy kind of way.
By the time I came up for air, Day 4 and 5 of this blog challenge had merged into one.
Natalie’s prompts:
“What is your definition of location independence? and What does your perfect day look like?”
found their own voice in my head and became:
“What does location independence and my perfect day feel like?”
Tada! Enter the photo collage above.

Routines change from season to season when living in the almost wilderness…
For me, client sessions, writing, art, exploring nature, hanging out with love ones, intersect with the maintenance of the season and demands of business.
It’s important to find my Feel Good Groovy when the day gets crowded.
For instance, working on tax returns often requires taking a good long walk along the lakeshore.
Giving myself Permission to take that break and do something I love moves me into Awareness as I Incubate Ideas, Percolate on my next Small Steps.

By the time I head back up to the house, soaking in the sounds of my nature walk…I am restored.
Feel Good Groove fully embraced.
Chores become a ritual of clearing a space for Good to arrive.
No matter where I work from, what I’m doing, whom I’m working with…this state of being brings out the best groove in me…
How about you?
Where do you find your Feel Good Groovy?

Living life below a hill, below a hill, on the edge of a glorious lake in Saskatchewan, Canada, I work with others as they log into their own Feel Good Groovy in this business called LiFe.
Drop me line, Share a post, Leave a comment…get in touch if you want to connect.
Thanks for reading!



Day 2- a Red Chair Moment

red chair sliver 2

Can you see yourself sitting in this Red Chair?
Calm. Comfortable.Quiet. Surrounded by the gifts of Nature…A place to savour dreams.
Natalie’s prompt for Day 2:
If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

My answers came quickly.
I’d continue living where I Live right now because I love where I live.
and there’s many helping hands ready to carry all manner of chairs down to the various landings along the lakeshore. Sweet.

I GET TO travel  more…and Travel has become so much easier.
OK…this one is a bit of a mystery to me.
I love where I live, but where I live is a 3+ hour drive from the nearest full service airport. It takes a long time just to get to ‘Departure’.
(inside Buddy asks, “well, how did it become easier?”)
Good Question.
I learned how to give myself Permission to ALLoW it to become easier. 
Step by Step, piece by piece, I gathered information,  accessed truly useful products, made connections and developed the expertise needed to make travel easier.
Even the drive to the airport has become less hassle…
…or could it be that in my wildest dreams I own and pilot my own plane…”have wings, will fly”.

I’m doing what I love to do:
Exploring new places, satisfying my curiosities, sharing my discoveries.
Working with great clients who want to learn how to step out of Overwhelm, Fear, Perfectionism and Self Sabotage and into the landscape of ‘Be Real-Find Freedom’.
Helping others find their own success experience, whatever that looks like for them.
Taking time to connect, love and laugh with people important to me.
Having FuN!
Making time to sit in a chair along the water’s edge and dream, ponder, breathe, receive, embrace and express gratitude for the goodness that comes my way in this wild and woolly business called LiFE.

Yellow Chair at Lake
Please, leave a comment, share this post or drop me a line
if you’d like to know more about working together.
Dawn Kotzer, a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity & Martha Beck Life Coach, living below a hill, below a hill, on the edge of Tobin Lake, SK, Canada, guides others to successfully discover how to BE Real and Find Freedom.


What isn’t Missing?

Snow on the Horizon

Go ahead. Take another look.
Nope-nothing wrong with your screen…or your eyes.
You have a clear view of all that is there.

The title begs the question “what ISN’T missing?
Aren’t you just dying to say”Everything’s Missing!
There’s nothing there but snow.”

You are looking at a wide open, naked landscape.
Unapologetic, courageously, audaciously present.
Grounded, unassuming, patiently waiting naked.

Ready and willing to embrace the lonely prairie nights,
the howling, frigid north wind,
the blinding strikes of ice crystal racing across this frozen desert.
Ready, willing, able.

Did you come up with an answer yet?
“What ISN’T missing?

Let me give you some clues.
Cheerfully naked and contentedly waiting,
this landscape GETS TO dream
under the full moon of winter
where even the smallest snowflake shines like a diamond in the night.

This landscape GETS TO claim
a front row seat during the main event,
the dance of the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

With a cool detached eye,
this landscape GETS TO watch
rainbow hues,unaware of color wheels and fashion forecasts,
chase each other with abandon across the night sky.

Naked and loving it,
this landscape GETS TO rest
and warm in spring sunshine yellow while
flocks of migrating birds trumpet the changes on the wind.

What ISN’T missing?
When we give ourselves Permission to see from the perspective
of NO Thing Missing,
the possibilities are endless.

What do you think?

When I’m not snow-dreaming, shoveling snow or gazing at the horizon, pondering ‘what ISN’T missing?’
you can find me doing my thing, guiding others into their own open landscape,
a place of possibility and full of goodness.

Who am I ? I’m Dawn Kotzer:
Founder of the Your Open Landscape. Inner Wilderness Guide. Artist. Entrepreneur.
Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach,  Student of Life.
I’ve spent time getting lost and finding freedom within my own Inner Wilderness…

Do you find your Inner Wilderness cluttered, overgrown, rank and disorderly?
Get In Touch...I know a good guide who will show you safely home.

For all the Me’s I’ve Loved Before

loving me ain't always easy
art by dawn kotzer

it’s Valentine’s Day
a day of love and grace; big smiles, big hearts, big wishes, big sex, big hopes…
We send mushy cards, fragrant flowers, yummy chocolates, romantic music and sweet invitations; sweety-heart wishes to friends, family and lovers.
Then it occurred to me:
What do we wish for ourselves today?
What Happy Valentine’s Day message do we send our Self?

Into my head popped a vision of  Willie Nelson…slightly out of key, braids shiny and long framing a wry smile on his wizened face, as he tumbled out a mixed up version of his song…

“for all the Me’s I’ve loved before
for letting me walk out that door
into a world that’s vast and new
and foreign to
the good old ME I loved and thought I knew.”

I must have ate something tainted at lunch…
I didn’t even know I knew any Willie Nelson songs…what was he doing showing up as delivery man in my head? I watched with amazement as a collection of Me-through-the-ages walked across my mind’s center stage.

First, an uncertain Cinderella in Grade 3  halloween attire, no princess gear but rather in servant girl attire, complete with coal dust on face and hands. Oooo, I still remember how itchy that burlap sack smock was…I might have been creative but man, was I uncomfortable.

Scraping chairlegs and total silence came next…I saw my ME-teenager standing on top of a desk in school so I could stare the bully of the classroom eyeball to eyeball while he touched the blade of a penknife to my throat. It wasn’t as dangerous as it sounds…He rode our bus to and from school. I knew where he lived. Still don’t know how I managed not to cry…I was usually such a wimp.

Then it was the summer I wore hotpants to the small town reunion…Hotpink polyester with bright violet trim…and white sandals. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this vision…I must have really loved that ME alot to go out in public.

Ahh, a too young blushing ME-bride, sick at heart knowing I was pulling myself in too many directions at once to truly understand if this was a good decision…too late…I Do was already I DID. Yes, I remember that ME…in love with Love.

Then  ME as a young mother, scared to death for my tiny, fevered newborn who had just hurled vomit all over my chest …how sick is too sick? how hot is too hot? Now I can feel the patience and calm, the love within the fear.

The click of high heels followed as a brash, stylish ME strode into my headspace…ready to take on the world of business and design. Oh, yes, I loved that ME so full of ideas and action…and BS. She exhausted me.

Army fatigues, backpacks, freighter canoes; not a high heel in sight…looks like this Me is going camping…no, this ME is going on a 500 mile wilderness canoe trip. I was scared but game for anything. I was a lot of fun. I fell in love with the Me-in-the wilderness.

The ME’s are coming fast and furious, one after the other. At times I barely recognize myself. It seems impossible to believe that I have had so many different relationships with myself. Even Willie is impressed.

Finally, I see ME in the NOW, writing, pondering, taking care of the day as it presents itself.
Some days are filled with Joy and Sweet Tidings. Some days bring flowers and music. Some days are filled with family and friends. Some days are harder than others. Some days I have to dig a little deeper to find the Me I Love…but now, I expect it to get a little easier.

Willie Nelson reminded me of all the ME’s I’ve loved before.
That’s my Valentines’ Day message to Self.
Thanks Willie.

I invite you to come up with your own version of ‘All the Me’s I’ve Loved Before’
Take a moment and see who walks through your door. Can you still feel the love?

Hi. I’m Dawn Kotzer.  Coach, Artist, Wilderness Lover.
When I’m not conjuring up Willie Nelson, I work from my home in the Canadian almost Wilderness to help others fall in love with themselves once again. If you think it’s time to show your own True Self a little love, get in touch.

You Sick?

muse song

Dear Friend,

I heard you were icky sick…

I’m sending over a few friends to help take care of you.

Really, they won’t be any trouble at all. They’re very good at taking care of we mere mortals ~ especially during cold and flu season.

What will they do for you?

Muse Song will bring your favorite lemondrop sweets.
Remember how you so loved them as a kid?

I don’t know how, but Aha-prodite unearthed your treasured Vintage ‘I Spy’ Collection. Wish I could see your reaction but, ah ~I don’t want to catch your cold. You know how I am around germs.

Let’s see~
Lull will place a cooling, calming lavender sachet across your forehead. ahhhh.

Marge will bring her famous homemade chicken soup. Yes, you can sip it from a mug.

I know Bea Silly made you a friendship braid from threads of her favorite scarf.
When your head stops pounding and you can open your eyes, you’ll really enjoy all the happy dancing colors.

Albert will want you to test out his newest sinus clearing invention…Humor him, will you?
Just ask him to give you a demonstration. Spills will volunteer.

Don’t worry about Audacity. { She’ll be the one wearing RED }
She swears that her ‘Born to Be Me’ beachtowel is the Absolute ticket.
No, you won’t have to follow her in for a Polar Bear Swim…
Besides, the towel makes a terrific picnic cloth.
You’ll need it if Spills was in charge of icing the cupcakes she made just for you. That Muse has turned Imperfection into an Art.

Shadow usually brings ‘Cold Survival’~a better read than it sounds.
an “in.your.own.cupboards. Cold & Flu remedy book.
Perfect for those who are afraid to go out to the pharmacy.”

Well, I better wrap this up.
The Bodyguard is telling me to stop wearing you out with my ramblings.
Oh no…you won’t need the Bodyguard. He isn’t for you.
He’s around to safekeep your creative dreams…
to help you keep them alive and well.

I can’t say exactly what time they’ll pop around…they always to have perfect timing;
well except for Spills.

I know it feels like a house full.
Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard
sounds like a bit of a crowd.
Trust me.
Once you meet them, you’ll wonder why they didn’t come over before.

Sending you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery

ps Don’t worry getting the door…they know how to let themselves in.

pps If you’re curious to know more about the Muses, check out their book.

No Snakes in Sight.

No Snakes in Sight.

Living on a prairie farm, we kids had to make our own fun.

The entire day, at least the good parts of it, between weeding the garden and doing dishes, became one big open plain of adventure for the 5 of us.

We often went our separate ways…the boys to the barn, the sheds, the shop, the creek where no fish were ever found…tadpoles, maybe. Fish? Never.

Sometime Duff would head out to her fort, sometimes to her blanket with bottle of baby oil, bikini and blazing sun.

…Noni spent time with her babies and books.

I found the old tire swing or a tree with deep shade to settle in for some daydreaming or craft time.

But sometimes, if the adventure was promising enough, we’d team up.

Like today.

Standing on the rails of the front yard fence like 5 chickadees on a power line, (or cormorants on a log) we gather together and watch the commotion in the lane.

Hm. Car driving in…

Then comes another car…and another.

From our perch we wave to the neighbour ladies as they get out of their parked cars wearing bright smiles, bright clothes; stepping lightly towards the house.

Hm. Mom’s having a tea party.

Like I said sometimes we team up.

It must’ve been the boys’ idea.

Even so, outside in the hot summer sun, perched on the rail fence, eager for high adventure, we all agreed the plan they hatched was a good one.

As the resident goody-two-shoes, I was most likely to get any supplies asked for. I was sent in.

“Mom, do you have a basket and towel I could use? I want to collect some stuff.”

She told me where to find what I needed.

With a polite ‘thank you’ I grabbed the goods and ran.

Around the house, past the west veranda, through the caragana hedge, down the path, I ran to find the Team.

Behind our 2 storey farm house, hidden way back in the bush was an intact out-house…a well used, fully stocked, clean two-seater.

A few yards east of the out-house was a hollow in the ground. This hollow, filled with rocks, dirt and lime, overgrown with wild grasses, marked the spot where the original out-house had stood some 35 years earlier.

This hollow is what the garter snakes called ‘Home’.

‘Home’ is where I found the Team.

Unparalleled garter snake wranglers, the boys had already cornered the prey.

Efficiently, they gathered up the cool bodylines and wrapped them in the towel lining the basket. A small flat rock with a few wild flowers was laid on top, making sure it was obvious that the ‘gift’ was hidden in the towel below.

One brother holding the basket, the other brother restraining the gift, girls in tow—Team Kotzer made its way back around the house to the front door, through the porch, right up to Mom sitting on her chair at the kitchen table with all her friends.

The boys pass her the basket.


I still remember her smile…you know the one. The smile that declares to the world…”See how amazing, sweet, kind, wonderful my kids are?”

We smile so broadly, you’d think our teeth would pop.

Mom picks up the wild flowers. She lifts out the rock…we always bring her wild flowers, we like collecting rocks. Nothing strange there.

She opens the towel.


I’ve never seen a room clear so fast.

Chairs crash over.

Tea cups clatter and spill.

Arms and feet charge out of the kitchen, bodies bump through the archway to the living room…feet pound up the stairs. Bedroom doors slam above our heads.

Did I mention women panic, their throats open and screeeeeaaaaammmm?

The kitchen falls quiet and still.

Then, like an engine suddenly blasting to life, Mom yells her way back into earshot, making our position quite clear.

It’s not good.

We scramble on the floor, snatching up the snakes…(good thing we counted them so we’ll know when they’re all retrieved) and remove them from the house.

We come back inside, not a snake in sight.

Trying to quell the laughter in our bellies, we almost-solemnly line up in front of the kitchen sink to receive a chorus of tongue-lashings from hell, delivered woman by woman, all of whom apparently hate snakes.

Who knew?

Ya, we could have guessed, but man, was that fun.

Like I said…

It was a typical summer day for the 5 of us.

Living on a prairie farm, we kids had to make our own fun….

Hope you get to make some of your own fun, day after day…now go and hug a mother.


Leave the snakes outside.

Catch the Long Tail of a Thought

Tricky thing …this job of observing our thoughts.

They come and go at the speed of light, eluding our best efforts to spot them… to catch them in the act.

What’s a body to do?

Good question. In fact, that’s a great question.

Better yet, the question is the answer.


Let me repeat the question, ah, I mean the answer.

What’s a Body to do?

Truth is, the easiest way to catch a thought is by grabbing hold of it’s tail.

As a thought flies through our mind, we feel it’s ‘tail’ in our body.

We feel the thought in our body.

So in order to observe our thoughts,  start by practicing awareness.

Try this.

Think of something you really dislike. (Hm… diced chicken livers in turkey stuffing. Ugh.)

How does that feel in your body? (…Icky)

Now think of something you really like. (Ah… blowing giant bubbles on a sunny day.)

H0w does your body feel now? (Oh, ya. I feel light.)

Crappy thoughts usually make us feel crappy.

Loving thoughts usually make us feel loving.

Fearful thoughts usually make us feel afraid.

Then, with a little help from our brain we choose to act or react.

‘Act’ comes from a place of calm, confident alignment.

‘React’ comes from flight or fight…the Land of our Lizard Brain.

(You don’t want to know what I did with those chicken livers.)

Where the mind goes, the body follows.

See how this works?




  • .


Validation of opening thought ( I call this ‘Wallpapering your Corner’ but that’s another post.)

Just like the wind lifts and carries the kite in the photo above, thoughts carry ego/spirit/self, steering it into the stream of consciousness you focus on.

Whoa! Heads up. Watch out for the power lines.

Good recovery. Now you’ve got it.

When you pay attention to your body,  you can catch the long tail of thought.

Showing Up for your Self all starts with awareness.

Oh-oh. Wind’s up… gotta fly.


Future posts:

The Land of the Lizard Brain, Wallpapering Your Corner, How to Show UP for Yourself and What was I Thinking?

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