perfection quest fail

cat in window. Dawn Kotzer photo


a perfect fail

yes, it’s true, I failed.
Even though I’m OK with that, there’s a lot of pressure these days to pass, to have it all figured out.
The PerFecTion Quest is still ON.
The expectation to have the perfect job, career, home, kid, dog, cat…
ok, cats are exempt…a cat is a cat is a cat. ^..^
the perfect life assets with the perfect photos to prove it.
Facebook, Instagram, Social Media can’t be wrong, can they?
Whoa. I’ve grown weary of the PerFecTion Quest. Anyone else weary of it it too?
Didn’t we go through this identity crisis years ago- like in the 80’s and again in the 90’s.
I know I did. I was that intensely driven, uber trendy ocd tidy bowl chick who believed she could have it all. (I still have the 5′ heel collection to prove it. Thank god I burnt the shoulder pads.)
Those who know me now might find that hard to believe. These days I often forget to comb my hair. What changed?

One morning, 2 a.m. perfecting some design piece for my business, I moaned, “Gawwd, I need a creative outlet.”
The irony was not lost on the part of me that still had a glimmer of wit. I realized I was frickin’ miserable and thought:
I want to PLAY more — being exhausted when special people came to stay was NO fun.
I want to EXPLORE more — really? It’s the first glorious day in a rainy week and I MUST clean the stove or the fridge or the junk closet. Who cares? It’s a JUNK closet. No one needs to see your shoes from the last century.
I want to LAUGH more  — I don’t know about you but Cranky has a lousy…make that NO sense of humour.
I want to LOVE more — I like having a happy heart. Falling in love with PerFecTion was just a fling. My heart wasn’t that into it.
I want to DREAM more  — running in circles trying to keep up with someone else’s idea of perfect sucks my soul dry.
Mojo Mortis means dreaming is dead. Daydreaming reactivates MoJo.
I WANT to STOP looking for angst  — my life is NoT perfect AND it’s still pretty damned good.

I am NoT perfect and I am still pretty damned good. Time to state that loud and clear.
Some days ARE lousy, I AM cranky. Life is a challenge, things DO NoT go the way I want and that’s the way it flippin’ is…and yet, it’s still pretty good.
This line of thinking can be a tad confusing until you dare to ask, ‘You mean I get to be messy, screw up, disappoint others AND still be happy?’

Whoa. What a concept.

I get to explore, embrace, fail and explore again. Being imperfectly down but not out reveals truths that might only be visible during the fall.
For me, showing up for my SelF is best done with a lot of kindness, in the playground outside the quest for PerFecTion.
We may admire perfection but we fall in love with imperfection, in ourselves, in others…need proof? Look no further than a Cat. ^..^
Courage, vulnerability and kindness have no need of perfection. As the song goes, “that’s where the light comes in.”

So yes, I failed. I abandoned the PerFecTion Quest and choose to show up as the imperfectly perfect me…and that feels pretty damn good.
Woohoo! Be real-find freedom.

I’d love to hear if we’re JoY-riding the same Imperfection train. It’s the only way to travel, right?
Hop on board. Comments welcome.
Yours in mad exploration for this business called LiFe.
Dawn Kotzer
Inner Wilderness Guide| Business Mentor| Master Creativity Coach
and SoulPLaY Detective
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5 must haves in the Mad Explorers backpack

5 panes of Must-Have coloured glass to adjust your view
Explore your field of view

So what is in the Mad Explorers backpack?
What must haves does she thinks she needs? How does she choose? Does she take the same things each time she steps out the door?
The truth is she doesn’t know exactly what she’ll need each time but she knows what has been most useful to her in the past. This explorer knows which tool, which item, object, and instincts help keep her mindful of her next small step.
So what’s in that backpack?
1) Awareness- The power of observation makes a good pair field glasses to open and expand her field of view. Sometimes we see things ahead that we believe we recognize yet things are not always as they seem. The Mad Explorer knows she’ll be entering landscapes of the unfamiliar.  Must have #1 is all about being aware, taking a closer look from a safe distance, gathering info to create context and then Reframing thoughts to find the familiar in the unfamiliar and moving on from there.
2) Patience- Life doesn’t always run on schedule. It may seem at times we have no choice but to stop, be brave and wait for a sign…the storm always passes; a better idea might be born. We may not always have options but we have a choice in how we respond to the options at hand. Packing patience is a very good thing.
3) Curiosity- Boredom is never an issue when you sprinkle your path with curiosity. Curiosity is the language of questions, a partner to possibility and the constant companion of adventure, a must have for sure.
4) Vulnerability- Sometimes it’s hard to give yourself permission to venture into the land unknown, lest there be dragons or dragonflies. Seeking new perspectives can be scary work when asked to step into the shadow-lands and scale high mountains to gain a better view. Must have #4 has a specially made pocket, not so small it traps the spirit, not so large that the hearty Mad Explorer is  swallowed in the gloom.
5) Courage– Courage, the bodyguard of vulnerability, draws strength from its massive framework of compassion, holding sacred space for the must haves listed above. It tests the air, checks the wind and leads us into the flow. Mis-steps and mistakes are nothing more than practice in disguise. Courage knows that a Mad Explorers truest path is sometimes only found by retracing her steps.

Without Courage, new thoughts wouldn’t dare venture to whisper its presence. Awareness of possibility would shrivel and shrink. Patience would turn to apathy, choice would slip away. Curiosity would grow dark, boredom would take its place leaving only Vulnerability to loom larger than life.
Go ahead. Grab your backpack. Pack your Courage. Practice exploring one small brave step at a time.

Interested to know who this Mad Explorer is with a backpack full of 5 must-haves? Stay tuned, more on that soon.
in the meantime, what must haves are in your backpack?
I’d love to hear your list. Share in the comments below or drop me a line.
Your inner wilderness guide, Dawn
kmcc, mbclc

Challenge or 360 Experience?

experience the 360
Experience this

The first time, I read the prompt as ‘what am I taking from this challenge?’
Reading it again today…’what am I taking With Me from this challenge’ puts a much richer, deeper light on the question.
The #YourTurnChallenge was 7 days of posts. 7 different prompts. 7 ways to share my experience of me being me. 7 days of shipping.
I find myself wondering ‘what did the experience contain for me?’ That makes it personal, like the influence of a good piece of art. My mind skips to my take on the art of communication~ the ArT of CoMMuniCaTion is appreciating what the other person heard.

That doesn’t mean I get to be pushy, bombarding people with my views until their minds fall in sync with my words. It doesn’t mean debate. It means I get to keep listening to the reception and the silence between the words; with my senses, my intuition, my instinct, my respect for the interaction of free will. I listen with my desire to be in communication. Yep, sometimes that can be a challenge as it’s a two way street. I need to pay attention to the details, scanning oncoming traffic and checking reflections in my rear view mirror.
I asked again~
what am I taking with me from this challenge?
What part of this experience has stayed with me?
Listening for the answer my reception of the experience speaks. I’m celebrating the circle, the full 360.
The pre-beginning, the curiosity, the call to action, the what if? the challenge of the start.
A few tentative steps turned into leaps of faith. Rubbing shoulders in the messy middle with Creative Chaos, I keep moving.
Offering a pat of recognition for Skunk, my lizardbrain, long time escort to BS Ego and her companion, Doubt I’m happy to continue. I recognize a tiny Cheerleader dancing beside blissed-out Focus who maintains a purpose filled distance behind Determination. Rounding the home stretch, looping the finish line with colour and creativity is JoY. Flushed with the thrill of showing up and shipping. Singing out the experience of doing something because to not do it would steal the music beneath my melody. I wanted to do the #yourturnchallenge…so I did.

I’m taking with me my Experience 360. The ArT of CoMMuniCaTion where I get to heed my own call of contribution. My soul appreciates what I heard.
If any of my story resonates with you, feel free to leave a comment.
Peace Out.
your  inner wilderness guide, Dawn

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Thought Loops. Stories & distractions

Thoughts Frozen in time
Frozen or Thawing

Thought loops… stories or distractions?
Some wonder what’s the difference.

Thought loops run round and round our mind, endlessly spinning their tales.
60,000 thoughts a day, yet few new to-serve-us-best thoughts survive the initiation process. Curated by the forgetfulness of time, we’ve let most our stories linger. Some of them grow quiet. Some of them let loose.

It’s the loose ones you have to watch out for. They can be trigger happy, unpredictable, sneaky little buggers.
Their aim? Distract us from the wave of possibility riding alongside those few new thoughts that taste like freedom and connect with soul. Like the ice skin in the photo above, loose thought loops and stories long for a place to hold fast, paralyzing our new chapters with the chilling effects of doubt, comparison and fear.
What’s a mindful, spirited body to do?

Do you dare turn your face to the sunshine, tune into your heartwarming truth and melt the attachment. Feel those loose thought loops and stories thaw and drip, drip, drip away? Go ahead…thaw.
At first, it will feel uncomfortable. Choice often does.
Loose stories, shackled only by an invisible, long length of time, seem to have the grounding sense of the familiar.

Do you dare claim space for the unfamiliar; to make room for new thoughts that serve you well…heart warming, truth looping soul stories that have no need of distraction as they invite intention, focus and purpose into PLaY. Go ahead…make room.

What new thoughts have you let in lately? Do they taste like freedom..are they connected to soul? Go ahead. Connect with soul.
I’d love to hear from you.  Share in the comments below.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Hi I’m Dawn Kotzer. As an Inner Wilderness Guide, I work with smart, capable, wholehearted people longing to finally show up for themselves like never before. Together we find their ‘through line’ so they can safely get from where they are to where they want to be…a space that embraces all that’s of meaning to them, with enough room for their own personal aspirations. Find me at the intersection of  dreams, goals and roadblocks;  aka business, work, play, creativity and all things LiFe.  Drop me a line.

Automate Joy

fists flying-image
We’ve heard about the benefits of Editing your ‘To Do’ lists, Automating as many tasks as you can and then Delegating as much as possible? Edit, Automate, Delegate, clear out the junk…then what?

An article in  Daily Good blog has some helpful tips on eliminating junk stimulus and automating tasks so we can free up our time {and our headspace}~
but the most excellent tip they shared is this one:
‘Note: Don’t automate anything that brings you joy.’

Immediately, I thought of baking bread.
‘Cause everybody equates Joy with baking bread, right? OK…maybe it’s just me.
More specifically, I thought about the times I choose to bake old school bread from scratch with grandkids.
Baking bread the old school way, is always on the list when they’re here for a few days.
And when the kids help me make bread I move straight into the land of JoY.

JoY Rising-yeast cup
Joy smiles

Have you seen a child react the first time they get to watch yeast rising? See the photo above? Yep, kinda like that. A pinch of sugar dissolved into perfectly warmed water. A teaspoon of small, dull grains of dry yeast sprinkled on top.  Give it 10 minutes and the right conditions…it has a mind of its own.

Do you know what it smells like?
The musty smell of yeast rising, amazing stuff…and powerfully strong. One whiff is enough.

kneading bread photo
Have you ever watched kids kneading bread?
Pushing down against it, slapping it around, rolling it over, sinking fists deep into the soft belly of dough…getting their hands sticky and bound up in the promise of fresh homemade bread and butter.

Buying fresh bread is waaayyyy easier but when a kid is willing to rise to the challenge, kneading their way into the firsthand experience~ the Joy in that lightens the load? Priceless.

Bake old school bread.
Watch kids rise. 

How could I ever automate that?

What JoY would you never automate, edit or delegate?
Go ahead. Share & comment. My curiosity is rising.

As a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, seasoned entrepreneur, farmer and artist,  I use a lifetime of diverse experience, humor and grass roots wisdom to help others bridge their self confidence gap.  Don’t let fear keep you in the dark.  If I can help you in this experience called life, drop me a line. Let’s talk.
let's talk- Dawn Kotzer

Hi. I’m Dawn. I see you.



ReArranging my Control Freak Rebel Head Space

2013 floats away
2013 floats away

2013 did not go as planned.
It was full of ups and downs, highs and lows and a lot of ReArranging.
ReArranging my idea of what I thought the year should look like.
ReArranging my calendar to suit other more pressing priorities.
ReArranging my control freak headspace to make room for ‘Close Enough’
ReArranging my goals and intentions
ReArranging my expectations
ReArranging Me

Don’t get me wrong, 2013 did not come empty handed. It came bearing gifts…just not in a form that I could easily recognize or accept. I’d be lying if I said I was over the moon with delight.
The gifts seemed hidden beneath layers of confusion, irritation and hard work.  
Eventually I got sick and tired of listening to my own lizard brain whining. I stuffed my ears with soul-cotton and embraced the silence.
Pausing between jobs to gain a little distance and make sense of the form of the gift became an interesting new pastime, a nature borne practice of Awareness.

Turned out the gifts were many. Diverse. Quirky. Some very large, some almost invisible. Some colourful and full of celebration, some floating on tears. No gift turned up alone. They all showed up as a hand holding, soul-sister sidekick to Challenge.
These are some of my favorites-

  •  Challenge

Big Men and Big Machinery moved in to reinforce retaining walls around the house. There was no choice but to demolish a good part of our ‘finished’ yard along with the well worn walking path down to the forest and lake lookout.
I got to build my first set of outside hills steps, complete with hand posts, step runners and a suitably creative ‘broken paver’ landing area at the base. Each and every time I walk down those steps I remember the fun I had building them. With a little helpful instruction from Lee, I managed to pull this off. I feel accomplished, strong and just a little stunned at the job I did.

forest steps
forest steps
  •  Challenge 

Yard renovations meant a summer of landscaping for me.
Ugh. I was pretty sure I had enough yard work to do already. Uneven, dusty, steep and clay bounded areas called out for attention. It felt overwhelming.
Inspiration! I spied the perfect spot for a raised garden…something I’d always wanted but never had room for.
It occurred to me that with some effort I could do this…I mean, I’d just built a flight of steps, right?
So I dug out the site, lavished the soil with rich, nourishing humus I’d hauled out of the boreal forest floor, turned stakes into pickets and laid a small paving stone walkway. My body loved all the exercise and muscle building. Oh ya, 2013 delivered in spades! Best of all, I got to paint my faux picket fence edging with Mak, my grandgirl. She chose the colours and we happily did the job.

faux picket fence
faux picket fence
  • Challenge

60+ days of medical travel to and from my man’s medical treatments. 10 hours each way, many trips required.
Pulling off the busy highway, a gravel road carries you a mile or so to a landscape rolling in green.  A chorus of nearby-pond frogs serenades as you sip hot coffee, nibble homemade muffins and inhale the flavour of your lush surroundings. The breeze rolls down the gentle hills and wraps you in summer.
Another graveled turnoff delivers you high and dry, next to a hilltop pasture where you eyeball a strong, silent bison. His confidence and ease meets your gaze. He knows he’s master of his domain…and now you know it too.
Standing in awe of Mother Nature’s work, overlooking ancient vistas and appreciating breathing into a new perspective.

Horseshoe Canyon
Horseshoe Canyon

Do I want a repeat of 2013. Nope. I’m ready to celebrate the year, call it a wrap.
But I’m mindful of the biggest gift of all. It’s invisible, intangible, priceless.
Eventually I could not see the challenge for the Gift. Neat, huh.
Move over,  Control Freak Head Space. 2014 is going to be a year to remember for all the best of reasons.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

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who wants to Be a MiLLionAiRe?


Garden Steps-Muted c wm

Have you ever experienced those crazy-making, hazy days of dreaming and scheming?
There you stand, happily pondering the name of your
business de jour, fast forwarding into overnight success…
Viola`, you’re a millionaire.
A moment later, frozen in the grip of Overwhelm and Fear of Failure, you shiver with Doubt and Confusion.
“Holy Cr*p, what was I thinking? I don’t have a clue how to get this ball rolling. I don’t even know where to start?

Bompf! Once again the ball drops, your dream rolls away.
Sound familiar? Yup, been there, done that. You’re not alone.

but I’m curious,
aren’t you getting just a little tired of being pushed around by Procrastination and her bossy twin, Resistance?
If so, read on.

What does it take to make things happen and get the ball rolling?

Making things happen in life:
part of a process I call  ‘Ask , Act & Observe’.
Ask Small Questions. Pick up a Ball. Observe. Respond.
Take a Small Step. Put in the Effort. Pick up a different ball…
{or the same ball in case you dropped it…maybe l.i.f.e. knocked it out of your hand…
that’s ok. you get to pick it up again.}
Ask more Small Questions. Observe. Adjust. Play. Adapt.
Take another Step.
Put in more Effort. Pick up another ball. Play around with this one. Observe.
Ask what worked? and what didn’t?
Leave Space for Good to show up. Appreciate the Process.
Start all over again.

Does this sound  too s-l-o-o-w for you? You want what you want NOW? hmm, you might have picked up the ‘all or nothing ball’, a slippery little critter at best.

Here’s the real deal-
A successful, thriving business often results from many years of drawing on Ask, Act & Observe {aka 10% Inspiration and 90% perspiration}. The same applies to most important endeavours.
Focused effort, sacrifice, dedication, determination, creativity, persistence, guts, courage, challenge, curiosity, play, tenacity along with a few meltdowns, a healthy sense of humour and a lot of self compassion sign on for the long haul. They move in tandem with each other, creating a path of success accomplished through a million small steps.

Whoa…could that be another definition of a ‘millionaire’?
“She who embraces success in each of a million small steps.”
Works for me. How ’bout you?

The next 3 posts, cleverly labelled Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3  🙂 
will reveal the magic of how Small Steps can SPEED up the path to success.
Think of it as abracasmallstepsdabra
finding success & millionaire moments, one step at a time.

But for now~
What’s your take on making things happen
and getting the ball rolling?
Comment, Like, Share or get in touch.
I’d love to hear from you.

Dawn Kotzer
Kaizen-Muse™ Master Coach. Martha Beck Certified Life Coach.

Special Thanks to the readers for all your encouragement
{you know who you are}.Your support makes it easier for me
to hit ‘publish’ during this Blog Challenge #TSE30DC. Yay You!
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Flex Time: Serves me Right inside and out.



Outside In
Opening Out? or Closing In?

Simply put, a business model is how you setup your business to make money in a way that suits your personality and serves what you value most in life~Natalie Sisson.

Simply put. Short and Sweet. To the Point.
Offering me a quality question.
Dawn, what business model serves me right?

There was a time when I would have thought I had that backwards, that I must first serve others right { insert partner, client, parent, stranger, child, spouse} without much regard for myself.
Thankfully, I proved that theory wrong…albeit the hard way.
Yup, eventually I figured out that if I didn’t serve myself right in some small, consistent way, there would be no authentic manner in which I could serve others right.

Back Natalie’s question – Day 11
Q? Which business model is best for you and what one revenue stream is most feasible?

A: Build in Flex Time.
Flex Time models work for me by allowing time and space to do valued mentoring or creativity-life coaching with entrepreneurs, coach cadets, clients and groups while leaving time to take care of the expected and the unexpected  in this business called L.i.F.E.
It allows room for Laughter and Play with people I love,
Art and Ease, Creative Detours, Scheming and Dreaming
Hardwork and Focus, MacGyver moments, Plotting, Planning and Delivery,
Interruptions and Delays {arrgghhh, delays can really suck, but we GET To practice patience, right?}
It might seem odd, but Flex Time helps keep me ‘on time’ as I break my business week into broad chunks.
I used to try and squeeze in wayyyyyyy too many things in, fearing I’d never get to this, that or whatchamacallit.
When I build in wiggle room to take care of whatchamacallits, one small step, task or chunk at a time…..uh-huh, my life is so much easier.

Breathing space, wiggle room, (aka Flex Time) in my day, week, month, year lowers-the-pressure for me.
I am calmer, more present, adaptable and perceptive.
This serves me right, keeping me more open on the inside, transforming my view of the outside world.This then allows me to serve others right as I am drawing from a nourished and energized core self.
How about you? What transforms your world view, inside and out?
I know your time is limited so Big Thanks for reading.
I’d love to hear what Serves you Right?

Drop me a line, Leave a comment, Connect.

Day 1- what WAS I thinking?

Sun Slipping Away Soon
Why do I procrastinate writing blog posts?
How many more times will I ask myself that question?
Months can go by…not a single post…at least not in print.
Oh sure, I’ve crafted some winners in my head but they never make it into the light of day.
Time to find a better question.
“What if joining Natalie Sisson’s Blog Challenge might help me find a groove?” Viola`.
I sign up before I can give it a second thought.

As promised, Oct. 1’s prompt arrived-

  • Day 1: Write a post on why you started your blog, who you wanted to reach, what you wanted it to be all about. Then state why you joined this blog challenge and what you want to get out of it.

I pause…I ponder. I take my Android apart…ChecK the battery just for good measure…clean the screen. I wander around the house, GraB a cup of coffee…open the fridge door…close the fridge door…get a warmer pair of socks…find my way back to my office, ChecK email…format some pictures…make a phone call…
Shoot. No one’s home. Seems like I’ve run out of ProcrastiOptions.
AARRRggHHHHhhhh….What if I don’t KNOW the answers, I whine silently.
My Inside Buddy pipes up. (Know who I mean? Tiny inner voice that answers you when you’re talking to yourself…yup, that one. I call her inside Buddy.)
” What if you don’t have to know? You just start writing and see where it takes you…C’mon, just go for it.”
So here I am…starting before the sun slips away.

Day 1.
Why did I start my blog?
Because the other coaches had one? Because it seemed like the thing to do? Oh. Now I remember.
I wanted to have a place to share things that might be of value to others and myself.
(oh god, that sounds lame. I’m hitting delete. “Leave it be”, inside Buddy says. “You’re doing great.”)

Whom did I want to reach?
(hmmm,  this question feels easier.)
People who have the same questions as I did.  Like:
How can I make finding my own groove just a little bit easier? When do I get to feel I am EnouGh?

(sheesh! now it sounds like I’m writing for myself. “SO?” Inside Buddy pipes up. “Keep going.”)

What did I want it to be about?
(Wow. This feels even easier to answer. Inside Buddy is nodding, smiling, 2 thumbs up!)
I wanted to share my stories and photography.
Living alongside nature in the the almost wilderness,  there’s been so many small but powerful moments that have helped me Let Go of who I thought I MuSt Be in
this wild and crazy business called LiFE.
These memorable moments have taught me HOW to catch my breath, to Lean Back and Sigh;
to give myself
Permission to be successful, to Be Real and Find Freedom in living my everyday life.
A Blog lets me share what’s worked for me with others.

Why did I join this Blog Challenge? What do I want to get out of it?
putting words into play
giving myself Permission to get comfortable with Close Enough
being OK to post, to show up as myself in a manner that feels right for me
Practice sharing small moments with others who resonate with my vibe.

Thanks, Natalie, for asking questions.
The sun has set. This post is a wrap.
Close Enough is Good Enough for me.

Please, leave a comment, share this post or drop me a line
if you’d like to hear more of how to Be Real, Find Freedom in this wildly exceptional business called LiFE.
Dawn Kotzer, a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity& Martha Beck Life Coach, living below a hill, below a hill, on the edge of Tobin Lake, SK, Canada, guides others to successfully discover how to BE Real and Find Freedom.


You Sick?

muse song

Dear Friend,

I heard you were icky sick…

I’m sending over a few friends to help take care of you.

Really, they won’t be any trouble at all. They’re very good at taking care of we mere mortals ~ especially during cold and flu season.

What will they do for you?

Muse Song will bring your favorite lemondrop sweets.
Remember how you so loved them as a kid?

I don’t know how, but Aha-prodite unearthed your treasured Vintage ‘I Spy’ Collection. Wish I could see your reaction but, ah ~I don’t want to catch your cold. You know how I am around germs.

Let’s see~
Lull will place a cooling, calming lavender sachet across your forehead. ahhhh.

Marge will bring her famous homemade chicken soup. Yes, you can sip it from a mug.

I know Bea Silly made you a friendship braid from threads of her favorite scarf.
When your head stops pounding and you can open your eyes, you’ll really enjoy all the happy dancing colors.

Albert will want you to test out his newest sinus clearing invention…Humor him, will you?
Just ask him to give you a demonstration. Spills will volunteer.

Don’t worry about Audacity. { She’ll be the one wearing RED }
She swears that her ‘Born to Be Me’ beachtowel is the Absolute ticket.
No, you won’t have to follow her in for a Polar Bear Swim…
Besides, the towel makes a terrific picnic cloth.
You’ll need it if Spills was in charge of icing the cupcakes she made just for you. That Muse has turned Imperfection into an Art.

Shadow usually brings ‘Cold Survival’~a better read than it sounds.
an “in.your.own.cupboards. Cold & Flu remedy book.
Perfect for those who are afraid to go out to the pharmacy.”

Well, I better wrap this up.
The Bodyguard is telling me to stop wearing you out with my ramblings.
Oh no…you won’t need the Bodyguard. He isn’t for you.
He’s around to safekeep your creative dreams…
to help you keep them alive and well.

I can’t say exactly what time they’ll pop around…they always to have perfect timing;
well except for Spills.

I know it feels like a house full.
Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard
sounds like a bit of a crowd.
Trust me.
Once you meet them, you’ll wonder why they didn’t come over before.

Sending you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery

ps Don’t worry getting the door…they know how to let themselves in.

pps If you’re curious to know more about the Muses, check out their book.