Challenge or 360 Experience?

experience the 360
Experience this

The first time, I read the prompt as ‘what am I taking from this challenge?’
Reading it again today…’what am I taking With Me from this challenge’ puts a much richer, deeper light on the question.
The #YourTurnChallenge was 7 days of posts. 7 different prompts. 7 ways to share my experience of me being me. 7 days of shipping.
I find myself wondering ‘what did the experience contain for me?’ That makes it personal, like the influence of a good piece of art. My mind skips to my take on the art of communication~ the ArT of CoMMuniCaTion is appreciating what the other person heard.

That doesn’t mean I get to be pushy, bombarding people with my views until their minds fall in sync with my words. It doesn’t mean debate. It means I get to keep listening to the reception and the silence between the words; with my senses, my intuition, my instinct, my respect for the interaction of free will. I listen with my desire to be in communication. Yep, sometimes that can be a challenge as it’s a two way street. I need to pay attention to the details, scanning oncoming traffic and checking reflections in my rear view mirror.
I asked again~
what am I taking with me from this challenge?
What part of this experience has stayed with me?
Listening for the answer my reception of the experience speaks. I’m celebrating the circle, the full 360.
The pre-beginning, the curiosity, the call to action, the what if? the challenge of the start.
A few tentative steps turned into leaps of faith. Rubbing shoulders in the messy middle with Creative Chaos, I keep moving.
Offering a pat of recognition for Skunk, my lizardbrain, long time escort to BS Ego and her companion, Doubt I’m happy to continue. I recognize a tiny Cheerleader dancing beside blissed-out Focus who maintains a purpose filled distance behind Determination. Rounding the home stretch, looping the finish line with colour and creativity is JoY. Flushed with the thrill of showing up and shipping. Singing out the experience of doing something because to not do it would steal the music beneath my melody. I wanted to do the #yourturnchallenge…so I did.

I’m taking with me my Experience 360. The ArT of CoMMuniCaTion where I get to heed my own call of contribution. My soul appreciates what I heard.
If any of my story resonates with you, feel free to leave a comment.
Peace Out.
your  inner wilderness guide, Dawn

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