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I see you
I see you.

I’m Dawn.

Hello. I’m your creatively spirited mortal and Inner Wilderness Guide addicted to the milky may and the Northern Lights.
Lover of sand castles, the Boreal Forest, pelicans, loons, ravens, owls and chickadees…
wild winter grasses and walking in the wind;
stiletto heels, sturdy rubber boots, well crafted goods and real people.
Sometimes I feel compelled to mow acres of grass just for the smell of it.
I love rice crispie cake. It loves my thighs. sigh.
I appreciate good humour and a fine wit.
My wee grand ones make thee best teachers.
I am a  Student of Life and a successful lifelong wholehearted entrepreneur.
I love functional physics, curiosity and metaphors
and immersing myself in this experience called life~

How about you? What do you feel about this experience called life?

My Lesson? To let go of shoulds, acknowledge the flow and trust that I can chart and safely navigate my own wholehearted course.
My aim? To share what I learn as a seeker, a maker, a finder and a servant leader
and in so doing, help you own the fact that you are so much more than you’ve ever dared give yourself credit for.
My Hope? To help you lighten your load, brighten your road as you make your way in this experience called life. Discover how to show up for your True Self and find your way home.

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. – Michael McMillan –

What can I help you seek, explore and find? Drop me a line dawn@dawnkotzer.com

Dawn Kotzer. Inner Wilderness Guide. Wholehearted Entrepreneurs coach. Master Certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach, Martha Beck Certified Life Coach



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