Inner Wild Guide


It’s easy to give up when we find ourselves lost in a forest of fear. Bogged down in our inner wilderness by a tangled web of doubt, comparison and perfectionism,it’s easy to give up. To flounder. To stop. To blame others for our lack of direction.  Not an We could use an Inner Wild Guide.

I know this feeling. I’ve been there too.
When there’s no path revealed, vulnerability overwhelms us, self-discouragement drains our courage. It feels like life is sandblasting our soul.
It goes deeper than hurt, to that place where we are most alone.
It feels cold and dark and crappy.
Though we try, we cannot be kind to ourselves.
Know this. You’re not alone. You’re not broken.
You’re human.
When you’re human… stuck, stalled or stagnant happens.

Tho’ it might be a bit obscured at this moment, there is a path into that clearing of light where your inner genius feels safe and warm and strong…free to shine out and shine on.

Do you long to create that special something in your life that reflects your inner brilliance on a larger stage?
Do you long to reclaim your soul song, discover your soul fuel and core drivers that make it easier to commit to your dreams?
Do you long to feel a solid foundation beneath you, making it easier to show up as and for your self?
Do you long to find meaningful success without feeling like you’re sandblasting your soul?

Imagine what it would feel like having found your bearings, aligned with your north star and turned your face to the sun.  What if you bridge the self-confidence gap and stand tall in deep awareness of your own wisdom and gifts. What if you could show up for yourself and speak with confidence not harsh self judgement or fear?
I’m at your service…
Personal coach for wholehearted entrepreneurs, soul coach and master creativity coach, I’d be honoured to help you find your ‘through line’ and get from where you are to where you long to be. Join me at the corner of soul, entrepreneurship, creativity and life.
Dawn~ inner wilderness guide.

Drop me a line.
Let’s talk.

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