Joyriding-marketing plans made easier with dawn kotzer
Joyride to new heights

JOYRiDiNG and your MaRKeTiNG PLaN- Part 1:
You might think that marketing plans and joyriding wouldn’t easily mix together.
In fact, it’s quite important that they do. Not using Joy to fuel your plan makes marketing a long exhausting ride.

Does this feel familiar? You want to build a business that aligns with your soul, serves others and keeps the bank happy too. That involves marketing. Ugh.
Did your heart just sink? You don’t like marketing…at least not the way some have told you it must be done.
“Tell me again where the Joyriding comes in, Dawn?”

What if you could develop a marketing plan for your project, product or business that’s in sync with your dream of being successful and wholehearted?
What if you discovered that marketing ease can result from purposeful habits prompted by a reframe, a single small step and one question?
What if you knew that question?

I work with writers, coaches, mentors, solopreneurs, microbiz owners, artists, inventors and others; creative, innovative, purpose driven individuals who dream of having an impact and making a difference. They want to share what they have to offer with the world, create space for the brilliance of others to shine through and Show up for True Self. All too often marketing what they do feels icky, forced and just too salesy.

What if it could feel even just 10% more like JoyRiding, 10% more in sync with you? The truth is Marketing is sharing.
Sharing your enthusiasm, your vision, products, programs, projects and your process in a way that directly connects to what brings you Joy. Sharing in a manner that delivers your message while at the same time fills a real need for someone or something.

The best and most effective marketing is rooted in serving through joy. Danielle Laporte

In my early years as an entrepreneur, I learned this truth the hard way. I was certain that pushing through the ick and the ugh, following the golden templates, modelling myself after someone elses values was the way to success. After all, wasn’t their success the proof? What I didn’t know was that the templates worked for them because those methods were fueled by values and their Joy.
Not all Joys are identical. In fact JoY is a very subjective thing…just as fear is.

Did you know it’s impossible to be in joy and in fear at the same time? Your brain isn’t able to be in both those states at once. We all know what it’s like to feel the fear…have you heard the phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’?
Why not give that phrase a rest and lean into a new one?
Feel the JoY and do it wholeheartedly.
[ctt tweet=”Give the fear a rest. Lean into ‘feel the JoY and do it wholeheartedly.'” coverup=”3S1Jj”] Lean into the Joyride as your solutions answer someones need, serving others in a way that’s in sync with your dream or mission.
Lean into the Joyride as you align with true self and make an impact in a meaningful way.
As we take one step after another, through the ups and downs that come to those wishing to make a difference in this world…pause, let the fear rest and remember the things that bring you Joy.
Lean in and let the Joyriding begin.

That question I mentioned earlier? I’ll share it and more in JOYRiDiNG and your MaRKeTiNG PLaN- Part 2

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