Self Sabotage No More

dont let fear dull your shine
shine on

When we sabotage our self, we suck the colour right out of our life and throw ourselves into a shadowland of pain.

Self Sabotage shows up in how we approach our self care, relationship, career or vocation.There is a way to move past this pain.

Does this feel familiar?

  • You are surging ahead, blazing your trail in life only to stop just short of your goal line? This happens often… in fact, it’s your M.O.
  • You have the best of intentions. You think about, plan and prepare for success. You start out with a bang… ok, maybe a halfhearted pop only to find yourself stalling, making excuses or slinking away as you see any progress being made.
  • You’re afraid of success in some area. It’s almost impossible for you to share your achievements with your family and loved ones.
  • You excel at tasks you’ve know you’ve mastered. True, they’re a bit mundane but at least you can take them on knowing you’ll get the job done well. You seem to dig right into them.
    In fact you dive in so deeply that you’re hidden in the work.
    Aha! Exactly. Clever plan you have there. 

Hiding in plain sight is one of your superpowers.
Self Sabotage might be driving you. I bet you’re strong, courageous and gutsy in many areas and have the skills and habits to get a lot done…except in those areas where you self-sabotage your success.

Self Sabotage is the action we take in response to a few key drivers.
It’s not simply about fear or even bad habits. We can be super successful in some areas of life and yet still suffer silently in other areas.
It’s not simply about resistance. Once you identify and acknowledge these core drivers, Self Sabotaging actions begin to melt away.
I know the feeling. I was a master self-saboteur and it was no fun.
I spent a long time in that shadowland of pain before finding my way clear.

Self Sabotage No MoreĀ  is possible.
My introductory 1:1 program will give you the basics on how to move through this place of habit and dread.
We create a space where you feel safe, where you feel connected and where you find permission to show up as yourself.
We create a space where you feel strong and at peace.

Would you like to make your way forward AND reach your goals?
would you like to comfortably share your achievements with loved ones?
Would you like to make friends with success?
Would you like to be able to trust yourself to show up for yourself and as yourself?

Learn how to give yourself permission to move from where you are to where you want to be with confidence, self esteem and true self alignment.
I’d love to help you explore, navigate and step beyond the shadow of Self Sabotage.

Drop me a line. I can help.
Dawn Kotzer, Master Coach and Inner Wilderness Guide


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