I Get to Wear Pants.

Jersey Cow

Many years ago, when I was just a little girl, I remember Big Gramma telling me how she loved going out to the barn to milk cows.
‘No way. Why?’  I was scared of cows. Period. Milking  a cow  sounded anything but fun to me.

“Two reasons.” said Gramma. ” I get a nice break when I sit down on the milk stool. I lean my head on the cow’s flank  and disappear into it’s warmth, the rhythm of my hands coaxing the warm milk into the pail on the floor between my feet. Secondly, I get to wear pants.”
She went on to tell me how both farm men and women worked equally hard in those early days. However, men were able to move through their day in comfortable pants and shirts while women had to wear dresses.

Dresses were fussy to put on and hot  and bothersome to wear while doing so much physical work.

It frustrated her no end until she found a solution.

Gramma was an accomplished seamstress. Using a pair of mens pants as a guide, adjusting the design to create a better fit for her body shape, she  made a pair of work pants for herself. No more cumbersome skirts tripping her up as she managed milk stools. She’d now be wearing pants to milk or not milking at all.
I remember the tone of her voice as she told me this story. It was calm, quiet, matter of fact.  She simply found her own creative way to turn a job that had to be done into a job she loved to do.

Here’s hoping that 2011 will bring us all practice at turning our own jobs that must be done into jobs we love to do.

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