Encouragement. Who cheers you on?

lift up and cheer

Who cheers you on? Where do you find encouragement?

Let me ask you this…
Do you work to play or does your work feel like play? Who lifts you up when you need encouragement?

I’m a member of Tara Gentile‘s membership site, CoCommercial. The discussion of unconstructive cheerleading vs constructive encouragement came up. Ever the outlier, I saw a possible 3rd option, mindful cheerleading.
Intrigued by my idea, Tara asked me to write about it and share with her community. My post, a short 3 minute read, first appeared on Help Yourself.

Does it feel like your hard efforts must carry you to a win or is what you learn from your efforts the real win. Regardless of the outcome can your actions and efforts feel like progress?

Here’s the thing. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. We’re so close to the immediate terrain that we lose our ability to see just how far we’ve come.

And when we feel we aren’t moving ahead we can easily fail to see our progress
…not to mention that we’re often mind-lugging unrealistic expectations of ourself every step of the way.

Our inner critic has a field day when we buy into those huge unrealistic expectations. Thought loops from the doom chamber can fill our head, become daunting and fill us with doubt. We can feel incredibly alone.

At times like this, look for the cheerleaders, your cheerleaders.
I’m not speaking of pom poms, marching bands and a pep rally of perfectly choreographed routines overtaking your path. I’m speaking of another kind of  encouragement. And this isn’t a shallow, vapid shower of make nice-nice either. This kind of cheer aligns with core drivers and goodwill no matter the outcome.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what kind of encouragement is most helpful for you. What kind of cheerleading would you love to receive and most importantly, do you take time to cheer yourself?

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Here’s the link, again to my post of how mindful cheerleading fills a business need. Cheers!