Happy Ground and Glory Day

Ground and glory Day

Not all of us were ready to plan 2016 on January 1. I know I wasn’t…and that’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little while to ground ourselves; to hear our voice within, to find our groove.

I took some time to ponder how I’d like 2016 to look, to feel for me, finally landing on this simple Ground and Glory Tree playsheet.
This little graphic worked for me, giving me a chance to lean in and listen to my essential self, my core of instinct and intuition.
These intentions bubbled up:
I want to:

  • let go of thought loops and tired old stories that suck my soul dry
  • give myself permission to embrace more play
  • celebrate the things I do and skills I learn along the way
  • commit to leading and living a life with a creative, artful vibe
    more in tune with who I am at heart.
  • pay attention to life priorities but for my own goodness sake, give curiosity a chance to lead me astray. 🙂
  • and so…Tada! a Ground and glory Playsheet.Use this contemplation as a place to start, to ground and glow.
    Seems Groundhog day is thee perfect time to share it with others
    who have a keen desire to stretch, to play, to grow.
    Download Ground-and-Glory-tree-2016

If this works for you too, I’d love to hear. Comments are always welcome.
Please share this post and my Ground and Glory PlaySheet with others.
I appreciate it your support, encouragement and time.
Thank YOU.