Thought Loops. Stories & distractions

Thoughts Frozen in time
Frozen or Thawing

Thought loops… stories or distractions?
Some wonder what’s the difference.

Thought loops run round and round our mind, endlessly spinning their tales.
60,000 thoughts a day, yet few new to-serve-us-best thoughts survive the initiation process. Curated by the forgetfulness of time, we’ve let most our stories linger. Some of them grow quiet. Some of them let loose.

It’s the loose ones you have to watch out for. They can be trigger happy, unpredictable, sneaky little buggers.
Their aim? Distract us from the wave of possibility riding alongside those few new thoughts that taste like freedom and connect with soul. Like the ice skin in the photo above, loose thought loops and stories long for a place to hold fast, paralyzing our new chapters with the chilling effects of doubt, comparison and fear.
What’s a mindful, spirited body to do?

Do you dare turn your face to the sunshine, tune into your heartwarming truth and melt the attachment. Feel those loose thought loops and stories thaw and drip, drip, drip away? Go ahead…thaw.
At first, it will feel uncomfortable. Choice often does.
Loose stories, shackled only by an invisible, long length of time, seem to have the grounding sense of the familiar.

Do you dare claim space for the unfamiliar; to make room for new thoughts that serve you well…heart warming, truth looping soul stories that have no need of distraction as they invite intention, focus and purpose into PLaY. Go ahead…make room.

What new thoughts have you let in lately? Do they taste like freedom..are they connected to soul? Go ahead. Connect with soul.
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Hi I’m Dawn Kotzer. As an Inner Wilderness Guide, I work with smart, capable, wholehearted people longing to finally show up for themselves like never before. Together we find their ‘through line’ so they can safely get from where they are to where they want to be…a space that embraces all that’s of meaning to them, with enough room for their own personal aspirations. Find me at the intersection of  dreams, goals and roadblocks;  aka business, work, play, creativity and all things LiFe.  Drop me a line.

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