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As a wholehearted entrepreneur coach I know that your marketing groove is already alive and well in your life. Perhaps you’re not sure what to look for. Perhaps you’ve missed the signs. Perhaps others have told you that following your own groove isn’t wise.

Why bother, you might ask? Why not just follow what everyone else is doing?

Because that often doesn’t work for the wholehearted entrepreneur~ the capable, creatively energized, innovative, slightly rebellious and deliciously curious person… aka~ individuals, volunteers, solopreneurs and small biz owners, coaches, healers and artists who are pretty passionate about showing up for themselves via meaningful work done in a meaningful way that makes life better on all levels, not just in the financial department.  They are called to find the most resonant manner of doing business and that resonance can’t often be found in a standardized template or on a balance sheet.

It is more than ‘ Go Big or Go HOME. ‘ It’s more than ‘See? I’m a Badass.’
It is more than I can do AnyThiNG I want with my life and those who love me will follow along…’cause they love me, right?’

Working with a coach who knows the entrepreneurial highs and lows and has a body of work and proven success experience saves you time, money and energy by helping identify your success groove before you start following the herd or buying into systems that aren’t compatible with how you naturally succeed.
Finding your best groove eases overwhelm and toxic comparison,curbs procrastination while inspiring your best work and fueling your ability to show up and get things done.

Curious this is what happens when we work together.
Do I help you design a system? Not necessarily, although creating a system uniquely aligned with your groove is a possible outcome.

What do I do?
I help you connect mind, body, soul and heart as you build a meaningful and successful business.
Being an entrepreneur is a full body experience which when done right-
energizes and inspires you, makes it easier to stay the course
and creates a life with room for all things that matter most to you.
I help you find your marketing groove so you can more easily, energetically show up…
when uncertainty, fear, anxiety and chaos will knock on your door (which they do)
when deadlines and obligations push you against a wall (which they will)
when your inner critic attacks your self esteem (which is normal in new and uncertain  landscapes.)

You’ll know how to claim some breathing space, lean into new found trust in your own inner strengths and vision. You will be able to regroup and find what’s needed to carry you through those times without feeling like you’re sandblasting your soul.

I assist you in connecting your dots in a skilled, savvy, ingenious way that matches your style so you can claim success more wholeheartedly.
Why is Finding your (Marketing) Groove important?
Because as a wholehearted entrepreneur, what matters to you is super important to the pursuit of your dreams and growth of your business.  When you step into that sweet groove where dreams and financial success naturally intersect with courage, kindness and respect for self and others, life takes on a whole new level of ease and meaning.
You soar.

If you have an emerging business or burning business idea
If you struggle to express your personality, your true self when marketing and sharing what you do
If the thought of marketing leaves a bad taste in your mouth, tie your stomach in knots or  numbs your brain… I can help.
It is possible to build a successful enterprise and honour your creative spirit and wholehearted soul.   let’s talk.

Dawn Kotzer
Know someone who’s been who’s looking for a place to release the pressure, step beyond the fear and show up as themselves as a wholehearted entrepreneur? Feel free to share this post. I appreciate your support.

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