Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching

Hi. I'm Dawn Kotzer

Hi there.
Sitting in a chair I dragged onto one of my favorite look-outs on the lake where we live, the view beckons. No matter the day was overcast. The air felt glorious.

I'm a non-linear chick. I like to follow my nose...I have a good nose as it's led me to a life filled with good vibrations and whole hearted success.
Dawn Kotzer Life Coach
My belief:
I believe we were all born knowing the language of our soul.
Over time and space, through circumstance and life's confusion,
we can lose connection to our soul song.
Even though we may feel lost in a inner wilderness, our soul song remains rooted, grounded, patient and alert for its cue to once again sing out loud and clear; calling us home.
I am the inner wilderness guide for those seeking to claim breathing room for soul, to reconnect with meaningful success in work, in business, in art and in play.

Where I find my groove
·Art, colour, birds, nature, animals, rocks, trees and beauty
·Wind walking, snowshoeing
·Listening, witnessing, guiding, mentoring
·Using a light touch when drawing on intuition and empathy
·Getting high on photography and capturing light.
·Through my entrepreneurial spirit and innovator's mindset.
·Combining intuition AND functional systems to help others build solid foundations beneath their dreams.
·Having great rubber boots AND beautiful heels. Just sayin'
·Questions. They are a big part of my vocabulary. ^..^
·Humor and metaphors as they lighten life's load.

Life works best for me when:
·I set things up to allow time for innovation; practical application and dream time;for getting things done and creative expression.
·Candor, kindness, intuition and strategy are all important aspects of showing up with soul.
·Taking care of business and giving myself permission to explore shitty first drafts is INKED in my calendar.
·Asking questions is a good thing.
·I am kind to myself as well as others.
I've had to work hard at clearing a soft landing for the toxic comparison felt during times of harsh self judgment. Shackling best intentions with unrealistic expectations sucks a soul dry.
·I remember I know how to Let Go and Go!

Am I perfect?
Hell no! and that's one of my favorite things about myself.
'finding breathing room for soul' means letting go of the lifecrudfrom the past, showing up in the present and activating a sense of lightness as often as possible, as best as possible no matter the circumstance.
I know that it IS possible to declare what you want, build foundations beneath dreams, embrace a reality that resonates with Self and find success without losing soul.

Life Hats:
Inner Wilderness Guide, business mentor, founder of Mad Explorers Club, personal coach, Master Kaizen-Muse creativity coach, Martha Beck certified life coach. SoulPLaY detective, artist, writer, professional floral designer and design instructor. Organic farmer and chief cultivator girl, successful retail entrepreneur. CFO.
Curiosity hound. Artist. Compulsive doodler. Lover. Mother. Girl Friday.

Each one of these has informed the other. My life has been diverse and I am grateful for the transformative blend as I show up in my work as coach for this business called LiFe.

P.S. If you'd like your own Inner Wilderness Guide and SoulPLaY™ Detective to help you show up for meaningful success without losing your soul~please drop me a line.
Meet me at the intersection of life, work and play; beauty, shadow, soul and intuition.

be real...find freedom

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"Meet at Dawn"

Breath of Fresh Air
"Dawn is a breath of fresh air. Her honest and eclectic method of coaching inspired me to change my life for the better."
—Matthew, England