Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching

Hi. I'm Dawn Kotzer

Hi, I'm Dawn Kotzer.
I live on the shore of a northern Saskatchewan lake beside the Canadian Boreal Forest.I love where I live.
I'm a non-linear chick. I like to follow my nose. It's led me to a life filled with good vibrations and wholehearted success.
Dawn Kotzer Life Coach

I believe
We were all born knowing the language of our soul.
Over time and space, through circumstance and life's confusion,
we can lose connection to soul song.
Yet even though we may feel lost in a inner wilderness,
our soul song remains rooted, grounded, patient and alert for its cue
to once again sing out loud and clear and help us chart our through-line.

At age 25, I bootstrapped my first retail storefront— a full service floral design and decor business. Since then I've turned my initial success into a series of diverse enterprises in retail, design, organic agriculture, life, creativity and biz coaching. I now life my be real- find freedom life.

Has it all been easy, smooth sailing, linear and forever forward moving?
Nope. I'm not going to lie to you. I had to learn how to follow my nose, my instinct and intuition. I learnt some major life lessons the hard way. Picking myself up as life...aka- trial, error, heartbreak and soul splintering situations...threw me curve balls wasn't always easy.
Coming back from major setbacks never is.
This experience called life has been a trip—peaks and valleys,
ups and downs, good times, bad times, brilliant decisions and perfect disasters.
I have grown to deeply appreciate and cultivate curiosity, good humour;
self kindness, tenacity, owning my strengths and celebrating my resilience.

For me, patience has become an act of audacity,
vulnerability has showed me courage, soul resistance has delivered
room for ingenious traction as I followed my nose and my intuition. Self esteem has taken root.

If you're still reading this, there's a good chance parts of my story resonates with you.
How can I be of service to you? How can I help you learn to follow your nose, trust your intuition and let confidence build and self esteem take root?

Are you a wholeheated being who longs to navigate the intersection of life, business and soul?
Would you like to explore, elevate and express yourself so you can clear a path and blaze a trail to meaningful success in daily life, work, business and creative play.
Clients regard me as a trusted witness with the ability to hear what’s present yet unspoken.
Described as relentlessly compassionate and creatively ingenious I effectively brige the line between whimsy and hard reality. I don't follow templates or rigid systems when working with clients. You're not a template so why would I force you to follow one?

I do provide a non-judgmental, safe, trusted space with lots of room for curiosity and laughter.
When you seek guidance, I offer guidance.
When you ask for witness to your journey, I am your witness.
When you need to ask questions, to ponder life, dreams and growls, groans and goals out loud, know that you will be heard.
When you want a space to lighten up and engage with your inner genius, PLaYful exploration will set the tone. We laugh... a lot
When you want the nuts and bolts to make your goal a reality, my experience along with life, biz, creativity and soulplay tools are available.
You are the expert of your life experience. I follow your lead.

Hats I wear:
Inner Wilderness Guide, founder of Mad Explorers Club, personal coach, Martha Beck Certified life coach. business mentor, Master Kaizen-Muse creativity coach, artist, writer, entrepreneur. Curiosity hound. Artist. Compulsive doodler. Earth lover, forest bather, slow cooking diva, MacGuyver Girl.

Hats I've worn Professional floral designer. Design instructor. Organic farmer. Chief cultivator girl,CFO.

What about you?
· Would you like to translate your dreams into tangible next steps that take you from where you are to where you want to be?
· Do you want to celebrate all that you are and are not so you can stand tall and move forward using your strengths not your list of shoulds and wannabes?
· Do you want to let go of toxic comparison, harsh self talk and bridge confidence gaps?
· Would you like to to clear the life-crud that bogs you down and find your own be real- find freedom path?

I have a rock solid belief that you are worth the effort.

Curious to know more?
Meet me at the intersection of creative vibe, wholehearted desire, soul play, intuition and real life. Please drop me a line and we'll set up a complimentary
Curiosity Call.

Thanks for stopping by. Here's to a be real...find freedom day.

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"Meet at Dawn"

It feels good and natural
It feels good and natural to work with Dawn. She is very approachable and non judgmental so it makes it easy to open up with her. I can't count how many times I've shared things with Dawn that I haven't shared with any one else. And more importantly these things (feelings, opinions, emotions, beliefs) have usually opened me up to trying something different, something that seemed meant-to-be. It feels really good to have the opportunity to work with someone that is so trustworthy and easy to connect with.
—Dawn W., USA