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Dawn Kotzer Coaching

Hi. I'm Dawn Kotzer

Feel free to hang out, read my story; get my take on life. Go ahead... explore. Coaching programs, FAQs and a few other tidbits hold down the pages. A Gallery and Blog provide 'ponderful' entertainment.

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Are you Overwhelmed?
Bogged down by fear, procrastination and comparison?
Paralyzed by Perfectionism and low self esteem?
Do you want to step out of SELF-SABOTAGE and into Success?
Are you stuck in a doom chamber of anxiety?
Do you just want to bust through all those exhausting roadblocks and get on with L.I.F.E.? Do you want more JOY? I can help.
Dawn Kotzer Life Coach
Candid, funny, tactful, intuitive, insightful, empathetic, I've learned how to embrace and move past these fears. I help you find your through line, getting from where you are to where you want to be. How? By clearing away the lifecrud blocking your way so you can find safe footing, your next 'right for you' small step, stride or leap. I'll hold the flashlight until you can hold it for yourself.

I love where I live.
Daily I'm nourished, entertained, expanded, refreshed and humbled.
After years of looking, in countless ways and places,
I now find myself, inside and out, connected and fully engaged.

25 years ago I sold my thriving retail design business, left my family, my home, comfortable lifestyle, designer clothes and high heels. I gave away most of my stuff and headed out to became that MadExplorer, investigating both my inner and outer landscape.
Every lesson, past and present, has in its own way, contributed to building a sound foundation for my vocation, Life and Creativity Coach.

Finding my way has taken me through peaks and valleys, ups and down, laughter, love, good times, bad times, brilliant decisions and perfect disasters.
Dark alleys, cluttered and difficult to follow have opened into courtyards of light and clarity. Expansive mind-body-spirit vistas have become my new horizon. Oh, the places I've discovered.
'be real...find freedom' is not a destination.
It's a way of living with Meaning, Creativity, Play and JOY.
It's a state of grace. Serene Lightness. As often as possible, no matter the circumstance.
As an Inner Wilderness Guide, it's how I choose to travel.
How about you?

Not just expressed in art and craft, the creative spirit reveals amazing solutions hidden and benefits found in the SpaRK of ingenuity, the Ah-ha of insight, the What if of possibility and the Process of an innovative mind bringing their work into the world.
As a Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach I work with the creative spirit, not against it.
Ready to feel some creative JOY bubble up and get your work into the world?

To say the least, I'm rather curious. Watching this Business called LiFe has revealed many universal truths:
Nature teaches me everything I need to know about Life. We are all part of the Whole.
·Experience provides the underpainting for our life as form of art.
·Observation lights the path & provides guidance for our next step.
·Awareness fosters instinct and intuition, connecting to our core of peace.
Want to rediscover your Inner Genius, your Creative Source and claim your own expanding landscape? Do a little JOY riding?
Would you like your own personal Inner Wilderness Guide?
If so, meet me at the intersection of life, work and play; entrepreneurship and innovation.
I'd love to hear from you.
be real...find freedom

Looking forward

P.S. I also like to laugh, a lot. Gentle humour and a healthy wit always lighten the load..

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"Meet at Dawn"

Extraordinarily Gifted Listener
"Dawn is an extraordinarily gifted listener, able to hear between the lines. Candid, in a way that helps me go deep inside, she's able to guide me to a clean place, free of judgment, where I can be more truthful, honest and less afraid.
Dawn is able to ask the hard questions that make me think. I get beyond the surface thoughts that keep me stuck as she creates a safe place to land.
Since working with Dawn, I feel my life is moving forward.
This is one of the best investments I've ever made."

—Kim, Canada