Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Do you want to Laugh more? Love more? Live more?

Sometimes we let feelings of Overwhelm, Procrastination, Fear of failure-success-comparison,
Perfectionism and Self-Sabotage get in our own way.
Pave the road with low self esteem, limiting beliefs and harsh self judgment...
Joy vanishes into the fog ahead.
Life is too short to live like that.

A powerful combination of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Tools, Martha Beck Life Coaching Methods and my own Inner Wilderness Guide experience helps me provide you with a safe, supportive, resonant environment for self-discovery.

Together we'll look at lay of the land.
Follow a forest path.
Explore the shadows.
Dance in the sunshine.
Collect raindrops in your hand.
Lay down on soft earth.
Gaze with wonder at the Milky Way. Do you want to uncover your own, incredible source of brilliance?
Your Soul-r light is always powered up and just a thought away.

Martha Beck, PhD, author, life coach, columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine
"Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She's kind, genuine and honest, willing and able to see where her clients get stuck and gently help them recover their freedom. Better than a coach who gives you the answers, Dawn will help you find the answers that are already within you to your life's dilemmas."

Jill Badonsky, Founder, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
“Dawn is a brilliant, intuitive genius. Our collaborative relationship is one of the highlights of my work - she is easy to work with, she comes up with the most fun and original solutions I've ever heard of, and her intuitive abilities make my jar drop. I highly recommend her to you if you're looking for a coach or consultant.” June 24, 2011

Please feel free to Get in Touch . I can help.

CeLeBratiOn YOU- 1:1
Deep Practice for Personal Development

Do you have an idea of where you'd like to head but keep getting in your own way, time and time again?
Do you know what you'd like to see happen but feel stalled, stuck or stagnant? at a total loss of how to start, let alone proceed?
Would you like a safe space to honour, explore and even initiatedesires, dreams and wish lists?

This 2 session package:
· Introduces you to Deep Practice for Personal Development
· Provides compassionate listening, nurturing space, light and lively inquiry to help you lift confusions, access Strengths and CeLeBrate YOU!
and Includes:
· 2 ~ 75 min. sessions
· Proven Deep Practice Tools that will shift your perspective and and make life easier.
· Customized Follow UP provided with 2 weeks of email support.
· Meet at Dawn eLetter

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  • Date: 2 spaces available.
  • Price: 297.00 CDN

Get Real~Find Freedom. Inner Wilderness Adventure

Have you become uncertain in this journey called life?
Are you pretty sure that Life could be a whole lot more Fun?
Where you once expected to feel strong and capable you now feel unsure...
Perhaps the path you find yourself on seems unfamiliar, overgrown, unwelcoming
Are you searching for your way home?
Maybe you've simply had enough of what's NOT working?

'Get real~find Freedom' means you choose to experience life through the lens of your own spirit, not the by following others' prescriptions for JOY.

My Inner Wilderness Exploration Tools {combined with coaching modalities of KMCC™, Martha Beck and Byron Katie} give you time and space to:
REMEMBER who you are, what you love to do.
RECONNECT with True Self to unpack and expand your personal landscape.
IDENTIFY limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, stalled or stagnant in the shadowland of shoulds and can'ts and crazy-making angst.
REFRAME limiting beliefs, turning them inside out to reveal your own silver 'REAL ME' lining. {Trust me. It's still there and it will empower and revitalize you.}
PLAY. LIVE.LAUGH. DISCOVER. passions, desires and motivation.
APPRECIATE that your greatest source of power comes from the inside, and starts with you simply showing up for the call.
Everything flows from there.

get real~find freedom 3 month Creativity-Life Coaching Program includes:
· Get Acquainted call prior to scheduling sessions.
· EIGHT - 90 minute sessions
· Email support between calls
· Personalized 'get real...find freedom' FollowUP
· Meet at Dawn eLetter

Ready to find out how life changing it can be to get real~find freedom?
When would you like to start?
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  • Price: 1397.00 CDN

JumpStart Business Brainstormin' Package

Outstanding Fusion sessions dedicated to Success! by finding YOU at the Heart of your Business.
What ingredients, specific to YOU will keep
your Energy High,
your Batteries charged,
you Growing, Evolving and In sync while
Moving toward Business and Personal Success.

Finding YOU within the heart of your business takes the process from Overwhelming to Doable to Regenerative to Fun.
Do What you Love in a way that Works For YOU and the Money will Follow is not a fallacy.
It can happen.
Your business success is specific to connecting the two...Doing what you Love and opening yourself to the Abundance that follows.

JumpStart Business Brainstormin'
An Outstanding, Fusion Package
allowing you to investigate
before you spend money on Start-up or expansion.
• Short Get-acquainted Call
• Exploration Questionnaire
• Customized WorkBook
• 4~ 75 min. Sessions {weekly or biweekly}
• Session overview with Suggested Action Steps
• unlimited Email Support between sessions
• 30 minute check in call. {30 days later}
• Spontaneous gifts to Spark your business connections

Curious? Drop me a line if you're interested in Success and would like to Just Get Started.

  • Date: Now Open. 2 Spaces Available.
  • Price: $597.00 CDN

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"Meet at Dawn"

Relentlessly Compassionate

Dawn is gentle, direct and relentlessly compassionate in helping you clear the lifecrud out of the way so you can be real. She is an excellent coach.

Thank you, Dawn, for your time and your huge, awesome, loving nature.

—Marsha S., MI, USA