Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Program Overview

You hold the golden key to your own best answers. 1:1 coaching gives us the gift of exclusive time to explore your concerns, find that key and create possibilities for your best life yet. My main interest lies in helping others find JOY. I've lived without it and I've lived with it. Living with JOY is sooooo much better.

Choose from:
Jump Start! or Creative Source- Single session. Illuminating, Effective, Energizing.
Satisfied Mind- Six week program that breathes Ease back into your life.
Be Real...find Freedom- Three months of personal creativity/life coaching. Consider me your guide as you reconnect with True Self and show up in your life.
The Buck Starts Here- 1/2 day session dedicated to aligning your business vision with true self; to finding You in the heart of your business- the secret ingredient of your success.

Benefits- Check out FAQs for a detailled list. As well, read the Testimonials to get Benefit insights from people I've worked with.

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"Meet at Dawn"

Changed my Life
"Dawn coached me to start looking at my life, laying it all out to view from a broader perspective. It changed my life.
I now make decisions based on my true self rather than the expectations of others."

—Amber, Canadian Student and World Traveler