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Dawn Kotzer Coaching

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The Absolute Perfect Fit

I partnered with Dawn to coach participants in one of my popular online programs, called Indispensable. She was the absolute perfect fit for creatively spirited people who did not want a hard-charging, "just do it" coach. Everyone who worked with Dawn gushed about her gentle communication style, wise insight and fun and creative process. I highly recommend working with Dawn, and will hire her in the future for new programs!

Pamela Slim author and business coach, pamelaslim.com

A coach for your life's dilemmas

"Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She's kind, genuine and honest, willing and able to see where her clients get stuck and gently help them recover their freedom. Better than a coach who gives you the answers, Dawn will help you find the answers to your life's dilemmas that are already within you. "

Martha Beck, PhD, Author, Columnist for O:The Oprah Magazine ;Life Coach to Oprah Winfrey

Hi there, I'm Dawn.

Have you ever felt you're on a long and winding road
seeking a threshold that allows you to effortlessly
show up as and for your self?
Does it feel impossible to dream of success without sandblasting your soul?
Have you let feelings of overwhelm, procrastination,
fear of failure-success-comparison,
perfectionism and self-sabotage
get in the way?
Pave the road with low self esteem,
limiting beliefs and harsh self judgment and
Joy vanishes into the fog.
Ugh. Been there. Done that.
Life is too short to live like that.
I bet you're ready to make some changes.

If you'd like a safe space to land and catch your breath, gather your bearings,
give yourself permission to sort out what's matters without an agenda...
to explore how to create a life that satisfies your souls
and brings meaningful success...
I am at your service.
As a master coach and inner wilderness guide
I offer a safe, resonant and relaxed experience to explore what you want
and what makes you tick in life, in business, in work, in play and in relationships.
And what you want matters.

Together we'll look at lay of the land.
Follow a forest path, step beyond any tangled undergrowth.
Explore the shadows, knowing their flip side will lead into light.
Dance in the sunshine.
Collect raindrops in our hand.
Lay down on soft earth.
Gaze with wonder at the Milky Way
and uncover your own, incredible source of brilliance.

If you long to grow your self esteem and move with confidence
through unfamiliar territory, let's talk.
You no longer have to let fear keep you in the dark or dull your shine
in any area of life, business,work or play.

What's it like to work with me?

Martha Beck, PhD, author, life coach, columnist for O, the Oprah Magazine
"Dawn Kotzer is the kind of coach who can see beauty and wisdom
in circumstances that seem ugly and chaotic. She's kind, genuine and honest,
willing and able to see where her clients get stuck
and gently help them recover their freedom.
Better than a coach who gives you the answers,
Dawn will help you find the answers that are already
within you to your life's dilemmas."

Jill Badonsky, Founder, Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coaching
“Dawn is a brilliant, intuitive genius.
Our collaborative relationship is one of the highlights of my work -
she is easy to work with, she comes up with the most fun
and original solutions I've ever heard of,
and her intuitive abilities make my jar drop.
I highly recommend her to you if you're looking for a coach or consultant.”

Please feel free to get in touch for a short meet and greet chat. Let's talk.

Available Session and Packages


Inner Wilderness Guiding

When we explore our inner wilderness, meaningful shifts and unexpected transformations take hold from the inside out.
Awareness and a trusted witness and inner wilderness guide are super important.

4 Short - 40 minute sessions

I am that witness and inner wilderness guide.
As you share what matters to you, explore what you truly want and what you DON'T want more of I offer insightful questions that can act as a flashlight to help light your path.
I use a sense of soulful humour and a non-linear, intuitive style. We laugh... a lot.
You get to choose doable action steps that move out from shadowlands and into sunlit places of excitement, determination and desired change.
Short and sweet sessions are perfect for those who are concerned about
emotional overwhelm, have never worked with a life or business coach before
want to work with someone who's an expert in this area.
I've taken this inner journey for myself.
As an Inner Wilderness guide I have found my way through the tangled inner terrain.
My experience and success in bootstrapping several creative businesses fosters an affinity working with entrepreneurs and wholehearted mortals with a creative spirit. Sessions can focus on personal and/or business concerns.

Please get in touch for details,
information and fee schedule.

Self Sabotage No More

Self Sabotage is painful.
It goes deep and it stays long.

Are you tired of putting your heart and soul into creating great projects, concepts, offerings, businesses
only to watch with horror as you stumble and make mistakes
that inevitably lead to dropping the ball;
walking away from the goal that's one last step away
just as you're ready to break into tangible success?

Does the first hint of success throw you into confusion?

Do you abandon your art when you feel a sense of accomplishment seeping in?
Do constantly disappoint yourself?

Does this feel familiar?

You may be dealing with Self Sabotage.
It's very hard to release this soul-shattering habit without a guide who
is well versed in working with Self Sabotage.
I've been where you are and made it through to the sunny side.
As a recovered Self Saboteur, I am your inner wilderness guide.
If you'd like to talk, to see if I can help, drop me a line.
You're not alone.
You can find your way into that clearing
where your genius feels secure enough to come out to play.

Wholehearted Entrepreneur Coaching

Join me for this Celebration of YOU.
Through the practice of Awareness we acknowledge, honour and celebrate
the specific ways you share true self through
the creation, operation and growth of your business.

Wholehearted entrepreneurs know that how we do life is how we do business.
And in that challenging intersection, all your unfinished often sh*t comes up.

Strengthen self esteem, find confidence in unfamiliar territory
and build a solid foundation beneath the dreams you choose
to pour your time, money and heart into.
35 years of successful business experience has given me a wealth of know how to assist you to:
- develop a strategy to grow your business,
- build a practice to help replenish or maintain your sense of well being
- find your marketing groove
- maintain or re-ignite your creative spirit

It is possible to be successful in business without sandblasting your soul.
I know. I've done it. I'd love to help you do so the same.

Don't let fear keep you in the dark. Don't let fear dull your shine.

Sessions are 90 minutes long. Minimum of 4 sessions suggested.
Get in touch for more information
about fees and set up a short meet and greet call.

V.I.P. Meet at Dawn All Year Long

MyVIP package offers the experience to work together
in a more in depth manner, fostering a rich working partnership.
Drawing on Awareness, Celebration of YOU and
my body of work drawn from 3 decades of successful,
artistic and diverse entrepreneurship,
we meet in the intersection of my experience
and your hopes, your dreams and your desired success.

With a light touch, a keen intuitive ear, appreciation for your situation
and your efforts, I blend fun and lightness of being
with relentless compassion,
doable actions
and a belief in your right to show up for your self.
We meet in the intersection where real life bumps up against dreams
and consistent doable actions align with honouring true self.
I have a comprehensive understanding of
business, resilience, determination,life lived outside the lines,
intuition and personal transformation.
I can help you build on your strengths to
overcome toxic comparison, perfectionism, self sabotage,
fear of failure and success.
I can show you how to send the inner critic on much needed vacation.

For a full year, I am your coach, mentor, inner wilderness guide, witness;
providing gentle structure sprinkled with infusions of spirited
and unusually creative suggestions, experiences and solutions.

Claim the power of self awareness and confidence
as you practice how to show up for your self
and safely find your way home.

What you want matters.
This year is yours to explore issues,
concerns and passions on personal,
business, creative and soulplay levels.
You lead. I follow.

Some of the things I bring to our work together:
  • Successful entrepreneur-
    Owner/operator with 20 years retail and design experience.

  • Master Creativity Coach and Mentor
  • Inner Wilderness Guide
  • Life Coach-personally trained and certified by
    Oprah Winfrey's coach, Martha Beck, PH.D.,
    author of a number of best selling personal development books.

  • Master Coach, Mentor and 2014-15 Assistant Director
    with Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ founded by Jill Badonsky
  • Support coach for Pamela Slim's Indispensable Program
    working with clients in North America and Europe 2015-16.
    Pam wrote Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work.
  • Studied with Robert Maurer, PH.D. whose outstanding work
    in releasing clients from self-sabotaging behavior is instrumental in my approach.
  • Art and creativity- Shown in juried art and gallery shows across Canada
  • Business Consultant-Retail and Professional Services for over 15 years
  • Successful field-scale organic owner-operator, CFO; Springwater Organics Inc.
  • Innovator, Provocateur, Writer, Artist, SoulPlay detective, water loving,
    wind walking, curiosity hound, amateur photographer

    If you dig my vibe and are interested in the details,
    the benefits and the wonder of it all please email me. It would be a pleasure to connect.
    I work with 2 'Meet at Dawn' clients each year. One spot now open.

    As always
    In soulPLaY, success and wonder,
    we meet at dawn

    Fresh Lens- Idea Spotlight for Entrepreneurs

    Bring your idea into the spotlight.
    As a seasoned entrepreneur, a master creative-life coach and business mentor,
    I explore your idea and bring a fresh set of eyes to help identify
    possible pros and cons before you invest a lot of money, time and effort.

    Releasing unrealistic expectations clears the mind,
    reduces the pressure and clears the mind
    which in turn you helps you turn your BEST ideas into
    winning projects, products and offering.

    30 minute and 60 minute sessions available.
    drop me a line. and we'll set up a session.


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"Meet at Dawn"

It feels good and natural
It feels good and natural to work with Dawn. She is very approachable and non judgmental so it makes it easy to open up with her. I can't count how many times I've shared things with Dawn that I haven't shared with any one else. And more importantly these things (feelings, opinions, emotions, beliefs) have usually opened me up to trying something different, something that seemed meant-to-be. It feels really good to have the opportunity to work with someone that is so trustworthy and easy to connect with.
—Dawn W., USA