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Dawn Kotzer Coaching

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The art of Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching

This page opens you to the brilliance of Master Creativity coaching drawing upon the KMCC philosophy...a way of coaching that soothes and frees the soul of all humans. Did you know that mortals get cranky when they don't get enough time to Play?
and Play is the highest form of Creativity.
Yup! That makes us all CREATIVE.

Our unique creative imprint shows up in small moments, all day long-
the way we brush our teeth - the way we wear our hat,
the way we respond to problems, the way we discover and welcome solutions.
From the moment we awake from the ride of curiosities found only in our dreams, we are 'doing' life as a creative being.

Along with my proven blend of Creativity, Life and Business Coaching, the magic of Kaizen -"using one small step, one freeing thought at a time to achieve large goals' is added.
Gentle but powerful, effective experiential based sessions will help you
discover your own answer to these questions:
1) What is it you really want?
2) What's getting in your Way?
3) How can we help make it easy for you to get started, to embrace the process as well as the finish line?

SelfSabotageNoMore 1.2.3.

Self Sabotage doesn't necessarily apply to all areas of our life. It can show up in health, relationship, career or vocation.
  • Does this feel familiar?

You continually find yourself surging ahead, happily blazing your trail in life only to stop just short of your goal?
You find yourself standing tall with the best of intentions, planning and preparing for success, starting out with a bang! and then making excuses or slinking away as you see a little progress being made?
You're afraid of success in some area?
It's almost impossible for you to share your achievements with your family and loved ones?
Self Sabotage might be driving you.
I bet you're strong, courageous and gutsy in many areas.
I bet you have the skills and habits to get a lot done...except in those areas where you self-sabotage.

  • SelfSabotageNoMore 1.2.3.

Would you like to see yourself make your way forward? Would you like to make friends with success? Would you like to be able to trust yourself to show up for yourself and as yourself?

Self Sabotage is an action we take in response to a few key drivers.
Once you can identify and acknowledge these core drivers, Self Sabotaging actions become easier to spot.

I help you discover your key drive & release your attachment to it in a space that feels safe, connected, satisfying and engaging.
During 3 sessions you'll learn and implement a few key tools that will help you explore, navigate and step beyond the shadow of Self Sabotage.

Drop me a line. I can help.
Dawn Kotzer, Master Coach and Inner Wilderness Guide

  • Date: custom scheduled
  • Price: 497.00

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"Meet at Dawn"

[b]How are you NOT a soul coach?[/b]
I'm more aligned with my whole self because of your willingness to support me... and my work in this world.
You always coach me with: Wise, Humorous, Loving escort back to my own soul!

—J.A. L , USA