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Dawn Kotzer Coaching

Creativity Coaching

The art of Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching

This page opens you to the brilliance of Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity philosophy...a way of coaching that soothes and frees the soul of all humans. Did you know that mortals get cranky when they don't get enough time to Play?
and Play is the highest form of Creativity.
Yup! That makes us all CREATIVE.

Our unique creative imprint shows up in small moments, all day long-
the way we brush our teeth - the way we wear our hat,
the way we respond to problems, the way we discover and welcome solutions.
From the moment we awake from the ride of curiosities found only in our dreams, we are 'doing' life as a creative being.

Along with my proven blend of Creativity, Life and Business Coaching, the magic of Kaizen -"using one small step, one freeing thought at a time to achieve large goals' is added.
Gentle but powerful, effective experiential based sessions will help you
discover your own answer to these questions:
1) What is it you really want?
2) What's getting in your Way?
3) How can we help make it easy for you to get started, to embrace the process as well as the finish line?

Creative Source BOOST, ImProv and PLAY

Would you like to slip past the roadblocks of fear, procrastination, tired excuses...get your Groove On, feel a little relief?
Yes. Please!
This lively, fear-free zone takes you back in time and place to the land of 'Everything's Possible' and 'So What? I'll do it anyways.'
Unstop your Blocks and free up some 'What If?' space.
You are your own Creative Source...no rules, no expectations, no limitations on imagination in this ImPRoV! & PLAY zone.
Be Audacious.
If you can only spend one session on yourself...This IS THE ONE for you.
This is NOT about applying a coat of creativity through art, word and song...
This is about connecting to your Creative Source to all you do.

Ready to roust your Creativity and Liberate your Self?
Well, I am at your service.
(Dress code in effect...PLaY clothes only; shoes, watches, suits, ties and stockings? optional.)
This BOOSTER Session includes

2~ 45 minute phone session-
Email suppoort between calls
surprise goodies

Interested? Yay! let's talk.
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  • Date: limited spaces. first come, first served.
  • Price: 199.00 CDN

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"Meet at Dawn"

Extraordinarily Gifted Listener
"Dawn is an extraordinarily gifted listener, able to hear between the lines. Candid, in a way that helps me go deep inside, she's able to guide me to a clean place, free of judgment, where I can be more truthful, honest and less afraid.
Dawn is able to ask the hard questions that make me think. I get beyond the surface thoughts that keep me stuck as she creates a safe place to land.
Since working with Dawn, I feel my life is moving forward.
This is one of the best investments I've ever made."

—Kim, Canada