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Dawn Kotzer Coaching

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Creativity is not solely found in a project, a process or an end product.
It is how we show up for and as our self in this business called LiFE.
No one does LiFe quite the same...and that's a good thing.
Creativity is not a cookie cutter experience.You are not a template.
If you're seeking a little guidance as you explore your own creative wellspring, give me a shout.

Join me at the intersection of creativity, business, entrepreneurship, wilderness, soulPLaY and freedom.
It is totally possible to find success, whatever that means to you, in this life without sacrificing your soul.
Be real-Find Freedom isn't a destination. It's the essence of creativity and can be a way showing up in everyday life.
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"Meet at Dawn"

[b]Soar to the greatest heights of my Vision[/b]
Dawn Kotzer is a terrific coach. I didn't know it going in, but something told me that it was the right choice for me to work with her when I was starting my book coaching business. I had never had a business before, never mind stepped forward as a coach and creative person myself. I found out quickly enough. I could have had a coach who talked to me about dollars and breaking even points and marketing copy (all of which Dawn did, in heady, creative ways), but there is no way that the traditional ways would have worked for me the way working with Dawn has.

I quit my academic job and stepped into my creativity and my coaching practice because I wanted to live fully in my own self. Turns out one reason I hadn't done that before was that I wasn't quite sure how.

Dawn took me by the metaphorical hand and led me gently yet powerfully into this magic place: to be living my business--not just having a business. I dreamed of having the sort of work that didn't feel like work, that felt like freedom and love and open, stupendously helpful power.

I honestly believe that Dawn is uniquely the coach to help me both soar to the greatest heights of my vision and to swoop through the down to earth details that underpin a thriving business, all the while aiming for my true home, where I authentically live.

—Ginger Moran, Writer/Book, Life & Creativity Coach,