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My life is an perfectly imperfect dance of doubt, success, trial and celebration...inner work and outside yard maintenance along with a little time each day for mindful doodling.
Do you doodle? I do.
Doodling takes me into a space beyond right and wrong, where all parts of my brain get to interact, connect with each other and play just for the heck of it.
There's no needed outcome, only the moment of soul-filled magic laced with a good dose of I don't have a clue where this doodle is going and that's ok! It brings me back to a place of equilibrium with no need to find perfect balance.

While this page will always be a work in progress, I wanted to give you a feel for how I groove in life.
I help people sort out issues, take small, doable actions to find their through line to a place of clarity and inner trust. We laugh alot along the way. We colour outside the lines. We doodle with our minds, our spirits and words...sometimes we even doodle with crayons.
If you long to grow your self esteem and move with confidence through unfamiliar territory. Let's talk. Discover that fear need no longer dull your shine nor keep you in the dark in any area of life, business, work or play.

Curious to know more about who I am as a coach?
Unsolicited testimonials from clients refresh in the sidebar of most pages. Or click on the Testimonial Tab to read them. My clients share their experience first hand.

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"Meet at Dawn"

[b]Soar to the greatest heights of my Vision[/b]
Dawn Kotzer is a terrific coach. I didn't know it going in, but something told me that it was the right choice for me to work with her when I was starting my book coaching business. I had never had a business before, never mind stepped forward as a coach and creative person myself. I found out quickly enough. I could have had a coach who talked to me about dollars and breaking even points and marketing copy (all of which Dawn did, in heady, creative ways), but there is no way that the traditional ways would have worked for me the way working with Dawn has.

I quit my academic job and stepped into my creativity and my coaching practice because I wanted to live fully in my own self. Turns out one reason I hadn't done that before was that I wasn't quite sure how.

Dawn took me by the metaphorical hand and led me gently yet powerfully into this magic place: to be living my business--not just having a business. I dreamed of having the sort of work that didn't feel like work, that felt like freedom and love and open, stupendously helpful power.

I honestly believe that Dawn is uniquely the coach to help me both soar to the greatest heights of my vision and to swoop through the down to earth details that underpin a thriving business, all the while aiming for my true home, where I authentically live.

—Ginger Moran, Writer/Book, Life & Creativity Coach,