Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching


“There's nothing in a caterpillar that tells you
it's going to be a butterfly.”- Buckminster Fuller

Ah, but here's the thing.The butterfly knows.
It's call to BEing, silent and deep within the caterpillar, lies waiting to take flight.

What can I do for you? Using intuitive and effective methods of inquiry I help you hear the language of your soul, tune into the resonance of wholehearted self and embrace the gems of wisdom within your own experience. Holding a 'soul-r' flashlight, I light the path as you step into a field of possibilities, find solid footing, courage and inner freedom to start living life your way.

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Dawn Kotzer P.O. Box 3127 Nipawin, SK. Canada S0E 1E0

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"Meet at Dawn"

Extraordinarily Gifted Listener
"Dawn is an extraordinarily gifted listener, able to hear between the lines. Candid, in a way that helps me go deep inside, she's able to guide me to a clean place, free of judgment, where I can be more truthful, honest and less afraid.
Dawn is able to ask the hard questions that make me think. I get beyond the surface thoughts that keep me stuck as she creates a safe place to land.
Since working with Dawn, I feel my life is moving forward.
This is one of the best investments I've ever made."

—Kim, Canada