Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching


How To

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how Now?
10 doable actions to get you out of your head, free of the spinning loop of thoughts and calmly into the present moment.
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The Land of Dawn: Glossary
A few words or phrases that come in handy when traveling in the land of Dawn.

Lifecrud- Emotional baggage. Icky, stinky, burdensome beliefs we carry through life.
Mojo Mortis- Energy paralysis.
Techno-fog- Dense mind fog blocking clarity, especially in technical applications.
Doodleicious-An effortless, creative frame of mind or activity.

"Meet at Dawn"

[b]Truly Listens[/b]
Dawn is a kind, positive, and intuitive coach who truly listens to what a client is saying and phrases her coaching feedback in language that makes will make sense to the client.
She is wonderful at reducing pressure and getting a client more in touch with themselves and next steps;
to help them find their inner stillness and what their higher self and inner voice is trying to tell them.