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Dawn Kotzer Coaching


How To

Doodle Up and at 'em- teensy tiny colouring book
Permission to colour outside the lines, right?

how Now? An eGift for you. Download here.
how Now?
10 doable actions to get you out of your head, free of the spinning loop of thoughts and calmly into the present moment.
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The Land of Dawn: Glossary
A few words or phrases that come in handy when traveling in the land of Dawn.

Lifecrud- Emotional baggage. Icky, stinky, burdensome beliefs we carry through life.
Mojo Mortis- Energy paralysis.
Techno-fog- Dense mind fog blocking clarity, especially in technical applications.
Doodleicious-An effortless, creative frame of mind or activity.

"Meet at Dawn"

[b]How are you NOT a soul coach?[/b]
I'm more aligned with my whole self because of your willingness to support me... and my work in this world.
You always coach me with: Wise, Humorous, Loving escort back to my own soul!

—Julie Ann L , USA