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This page contains references and links to information.... downloads, suggested reading, great sites you might find helpful in your quest. If you're seeking:

  • greater meaning in your life as a whole
  • guidance and insight on YOU in your business
  • good books to read
  • creative incentives
  • soulfood for the entrepreneur
  • humour

Check this page out often.
When I find something good, I'm going to pass it on.
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how Now? An eGift for you. Download here.
how Now?
10 doable actions to get you out of your head, free of the spinning loop of thoughts and calmly into the present moment.
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Big Brand System
Pamela Wilson- Helps businesses grow through great design and marketing.

Kelly Kingman is an eBook editor and coach that will help you find your stickiest eBook concept, get it written and then get it read.

Learning how to Speak 'Tech'?
"Eugen Oprea: He's passionate about technology and loves to help people who donít speak 'tech' build a presence online."

The Land of Dawn: Glossary
A few words or phrases that come in handy when traveling in the land of Dawn.

Lifecrud- Emotional baggage. Icky, stinky, burdensome beliefs we carry through life.
Mojo Mortis- Energy paralysis.
Techno-fog- Dense mind fog blocking clarity, especially in technical applications.
Doodleicious-An effortless, creative frame of mind or activity.

"Meet at Dawn"

Changed my Life
"Dawn coached me to start looking at my life, laying it all out to view from a broader perspective. It changed my life.
I now make decisions based on my true self rather than the expectations of others."

—Amber, Canadian Student and World Traveler