Dawn Kotzer Coaching
Dawn Kotzer Coaching


"Meet at Dawn"

[b]I felt heard[/b]
I felt heard.
I love her authenticity in facilitating a conversation based on her self and the person she is with, not should in any rule book. I really felt as if I was with a regular human being experiencing all emotions and yet with someone quite extraordinary in use of intuition, openness, going with whatever appeared in the space and honestly after each ‘conversation’ experience I was transported to a different place, that could continue with further explorations.
I really appreciated the sharing of examples and her own journey, challenges in ways that made me feel not as isolated in my explorations.
I just felt that Dawn really understood me, more than I knew myself and she has a capacity to inspire you to believe in yourself even when you doubt yourself.
I am amazed and inspired by the breadth of her experience both in business and coaching.

—Liz G.,